Monday Motivation -Happy Halloween

Hello everyone,

This monday motivation is going to be a little bit different.  I have been dressing up in costume all week long, so today I am going to share with you all the costume and makeup looks I used this week.

For the first look I went witchy, I did later add a holographic spider web cape which didn’t make it in the picture but was so cool. I wanted to have a green face witch but I used the green as though I was highlighting and contouring as opposed to painting my whole face. The final look was really neat. I used green to contour and a yellow to highlight extending a a dark black wing almost all the way to my hairline. The wig made me almost unrecognizable people loved it!

Next I went as a glam rocker! Using bright pinks and purples for eye shadow and a crazy wig. The full photo is from a few years ago as I forgot to capture it this year so I apologize for the poor photo quality here but you get the idea just a fun makeup rocking day!

A steampunk, this one is so cool because there are so many neat accessories. I feel like I will be continuously adding to this costume as the years come. A lot of my clients were not familiar with this 19th century steam-powered character and I felt as though i was explaining myself a bit too much but was still so cool and I think I pulled it off so well. I can’t wait to add new pieces to make this look that much better! I literally used a large powder brush with bronzer and black eye shadow to get this steamed look.

This foxy look was literally supposed to be my easy day, than I pent an hour and a half painting my face. I highlighted my face with NXY jumbo pencil in milk and used eye shadow and eyeliner to create the foxy look. I put my hair in crazy buns to act as ears because my fox face hoody is way to hot to wear at work.

A blast from the past, I recreate a 1920’s look. The photo does not do my makeup justice here but I researched a good bit to get this 1920 style down. Pearls are my weakness I love them so happily I wore as many as I could for this cutie look. I even found a pair of Mary Jane shoes to tie the outfit together it was the bee’s knees!

Finally my little devil. It was very difficult for me to find red eye shadow they all looked pink in comparison to this very red metallic jumpsuit. Let me tell you I was a very happy lady to get out of this jumpsuit all said and done.

As much fun as this was I am very happy Halloween is over I can’t wait for tomorrow to get some discount treats! Have a very haunted Halloween my friends and stay safe if you plan to go out!


12 thoughts on “Monday Motivation -Happy Halloween

      1. I bet lol. Walking around in an uncomfortable outfit would have ruined my day for sure. Lol. I don’t know how you went all day with it. I would have changed lol


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