NOTW – Happy Halloween!

Hello everyone,

I have seriously been in Halloween mode all week. Everyday has been dress up day! I have one more costume before I share them all here with you. So stay tuned for that hopefully coming to you tomorrow, If all goes well and I post in time. In the meantime enjoy this ghoulish Halloween themed manicure treat! My model for this look is a wonderful friend and colleague of mine Amanda who has taught me so much. She has beautiful hands and nails, I am so happy to have had the pleasure to paint them!


For this look I used my go to base polish Poshe to protect the natural nail. Amanda already had beautiful trimmed oval shaped nails. I used Sally Hansen in Ivory Skull, Nicole in Razzle Dazzle which is not my favourite black shade by the way and and I am near the end of my bottle, it was frustrating to get enough polish on the nails. Whoever designed the shape of this polish bottle was just mean. For the glitter nail I paired Revlon Holographic Pearl and China Glaze Break The Ice. Break the Ice drove Amanda a little batty as a raised glitter sometimes does. After using powder glitter I think this may be my go to method because sparkle is meant to be beautiful not annoying. To the craft store I go! As usual I used Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat to finish the look, it helps a manicure to last longer. Amanda, like me, uses her hands a lot at work and so a manicure needs all the help it can get to look it’s best for the longest amount of time!

Hoping you all had a safe pre-Halloween weekend, an even better Halloween day and I hope your days be full of treats!


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