Monday Motivation – Lets Chill

Hello everyone,

Mornings are a bit frosty still. Though the other day I was out I got a sun burn it was a beautiful day to spend outdoors with friends, I had a blast! I just love the look of frost covered branches, I think it looks so magical, Especially seeing lush green grass below that too. I don’t like to be frost-bitten though so I better get to thinking about buying a winter coat soon. I am not allowed to purchase anything else until I buy a winter coat!

I am really hoping to get on here more, I have so much material to share with you I just got to get myself sat down to work on it! This month I have had pretty much the least monthly posts to date and the least likes and views since I basically started. So effort goes a long way here and this month proves that. I am so thankful for those of you that still come check me out though you are awesome!

So this week at work we dress up in costume, I am frantic because I have still not really decided on what I am going to do so it should be interesting. I do have some items from last year that I am going to have to drag out and quickly decide day one of Halloween costume. I really have no interest in waking up ridiculously early to costume so I am looking for easy no fuss costumes. Do you dress up for work? If so what are you dressing up as? It is seriously a task to find work appropriate Halloween costumes.


6 thoughts on “Monday Motivation – Lets Chill

  1. I will dress as a zombie, thank you very much. I feel and look like one on a daily basis. #workisstressful #ilikemyjobbutjesuschristhelpme #Godistheonlyonewhocanhelpmerightnow #holyhashtag #bloggingontheladywithablogssite

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    1. basically I go into the store find my size if it fits and looks good that’s what I am. I have been disappointing in the past in search of a costume to discover it won’t fit looks bad or doesn’t exist. I am so far 3 days of costume down and 4 to go at least I got one day to rest in comfort clothes.

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