NOTW – Reverse French

Hello everyone,

I have to admit here that this is an older photo from before I started this blog so I was just starting out painting my own nails, I guess at this point I was still capable of using my right hand as the model. I am dominantly right handed so this is impressive to me.

I actually love this look so much I think I am going to bring it back this year with some newer shades. Now that I have grown my skill perhaps I can get some cleaner lines there.

Because I took this before blogging I never took the photo of the lineup of what I used to create this look. I do know that for the half moons I painted over reinforcement stickers and used a toothpick to dot. If I had to guess the lighter shade is probably Essie in Fiji I love that polish and used it a lot. I think overall it is my most used shade in the entire collection. I still have the polish in my hand, it is Sally Hansen hard as nails extreme wear in Ice Coffee. Which is kind of a funny name it doesn’t look like coffee at all!

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