Monday Motivation – An Autumn Snow

Hello Everyone,

Exciting news! I took this photo when we were doing a photo shoot for OOTD, so looking forward to that post soon! Looks are deceiving here it is incredibly warm and the snow all melted by the end of the day!

This Monday is not really a Motivation Monday but a general update of what is going on with me.

I love the province I live in but it has some of the wackiest weather. The mountains to the West of us slopes down in a way that causes some incredible weather patterns. I have seen hot sunny days with wind snow sleet and rain all in the same day within minutes of each other. You really never know what to expect!

I remember when I was a kid turning my winter jacket into a Halloween costume just to go trick or treating and I would go for hours a little cold never stopped me. I still haven’t bought a new winter jacket and to be honest I haven’t had one in years but it’s looking like it will be a crazy winter season!

I am happy to announce that I celebrated my first Hockey Night in Canada of the season but I am disappointed that my home team hasn’t won a game yet. My CFL Football team favorite certainty is dominating this year though, so that is exciting!

I am finally starting to feel better still feeling ridiculously sick but I am starting to see through the haze of illness. A couple more days I’ll be back to myself.

I have been doing some new training in my career and learning many new things! I am loving it so far, so thankful for this opportunity. Sometimes my job is a little stressful and it can be difficult but it is so rewarding too I am really helping people and I love that i am still always learning and growing.

If I can say anything motivation or inspirational today I would have to encourage having a positive outlook and to continue to grow learn and just be happy. I have had a really tough go this year chalked full of loss, injuries, disappointment and so much more. I find myself struggling with sadness and teetering on the edge of depression. As difficult as it may be sometimes I put on my game face and conquer my one day at a time. I find comfort in the things and people who make me happy and it helps me to overcome my weakest moments. Finally the love and support that I find here in this wonderful community. I am so grateful for all that I have and experiencing the losses that I have has made me appreciate that even more. So thank you guys for being so awesome I love you!


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