NOTW – First Snow, Already?!

Hello everyone,

I originally wanted to do a thanksgiving themed nail art but I couldn’t find a decent yellow and orange shade so when it snowed this week I decided to go ahead and embrace it with these snowy nails.

I guess Autumn is over already! It lasted a couple weeks? Everyone has been saying we are going to get a long cold winter, we haven’t had one in a few years. It has been a strange year for us regarding weather what with a dry warm winter, a severely dry spring, a rainy storming summer barely any warm sunny days a short fall and right into a deep freeze. I can’t complain to much though as there is no hurricane my way. My thoughts go out to those affected stay safe friends.

As you all may have noticed I have not been posting as regularly it has been so busy for me and it will probably just get busier. I will attempt to keep up my regular posts but if you don’t see me as often in the coming weeks don’t fret I am jut really busy this time of year.

Anyway I hope any of my Canadian friends are having a fabulous Thanksgiving long weekend. We are having a dinner with friends this weekend and going to watch the football game with my mom. To anyone else not celebrating Turkey dinner day hope you are having a good and safe weekend. Yeah long weekends are awesome!


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