NOTW – Care

Hello Everyone,

This weeks “nails of the week” is going to be a little bit different. It’s that time again to let my nails have a break so this week my nails are going natural!

Go Bare

It’s really hard on the nails to always have polish on them it is a good reset once in a while to go “naked nails”. Nail Polish remover is also really harsh on the nails, it’s not recommended to use nail polish more than twice a month. I know, I am bad for this as I change my polish weekly. I have been getting better since I started using Sally Hansen Miracle gel it lasts two weeks and I have had some hand models for the weeks in between my manicure. If your going to change your polish frequently try to find a nail polish remover without Acetone. Always wash your hands after using nail polish remover, it is also really harsh on the skin so moisturize when your done. Another idea is to wear a polish free from harsh chemicals.

Keep it Clean

If you have been wearing nail polish, especially something with a dark or red colour pigment you may have a pretty yellow stain on your nails. A good quality base coat will protect your natural nails. You can clean that naturally and easily using lemon juice. Do not use the lemon juice if you have a cut or split finger tips as it could sting. You can use a cotton swab on just the nail to avoid the area with a cut. You’ll be surprised how easily the stain comes off. Keep your fingernails clean and dry them off thoroughly. It’s easy for bacteria to build up under the nails, it’s so important to keep this area clean, also dry, bacteria needs moisture to survive. Cover up with gloves when your hands may be in water for long periods of time or exposed to chemicals.

Trim and Proper

Use clean implements when trimming or shaping the nails. Never share these items with others either, they are personal items. I usually paint the handle of mine with pink nail polish so my spouse will know that one is not his. If you are going to the salon make sure they are using clean implements as well, or better yet bring your own from home. Never trim or cut your nails when they are wet. The nails may be softer and can easily rip. Trim your nails straight across and soften the edges gently, it’s tempting to go back and forth but you want to file in one direction to prevent the nails from splitting. You should never be cutting cuticle, this is bad, if they ask you at the salon please say no. You can however gently push the cuticle back, but make sure they are well moisturized when you do so. The cuticle is actually protecting your nail and cutting it away can lead to infection especially if they do it a salon that isn’t properly sterilizing their equipment. You should never rip your hangnail off you could potentially damage healthy skin and cause bleeding or infection, instead cut these away with a clean implement. Never bite your nails, saliva can break down the integrity of your nails and is so harmful for your nails and your mouth. If you have a nail-biting habit there are nail treatments you can apply that will deter you from wanting to put that in your mouth. You are the master of your body only you can break that habit, overcome and be a better you. Do not use your nails to “scrape” or open things this could damage them and perhaps even break which can be painful and may leave you at risk for infection.


To keep nails and hands looking healthy and perhaps more youthful in appearance moisturizing is really important. When applying your hand cream pay attention to the nails and cuticle too. Make sure to massage the lotion into the nails as well. You can also use a cuticle cream or nail oil. If you follow my NOTW you know by know I love my cuticle cream Healthy Hoof. Another great option is to moisturize your hands and wear cotton gloves to bed. This is especially helpful if you have really dry hands and nails. As I mentioned before protect your hands from chemicals by wearing gloves. Also avoid creams and moisturizers that are heavy in perfume or alcohol as this can be really drying and damaging to the nails as well. A hand specific lotion or a vitamin e cream will work well.

Be Strong

If you have very brittle thin nails, it’s best to avoid polish and the remover. Try using a nail hardener treatment. You can also consult your doctor before trying this but Biotin may be beneficial for the hair and nails. You can find Biotin naturally in some foods we eat as well. There are some ways to make your nails look shiny and polished without actually using a polish. I’ve heard of rubbing olive oil on I haven’t tried it but it apparently makes them shiny. You can buy a buffer that works really well at shinning the nails up really good. Lasts for about 3-4 days too. Your nails can tell a lot about your health so if you notice a change or a persistent issue that doesn’t go away consult a doctor or dermatologist. Signs there may be something wrong are; changes in nail colour, changing of shape, thinning or thickening, separation of the nail from surrounding skin, bleeding around the nails, and or swelling and pain.

8 thoughts on “NOTW – Care

  1. I spent many, many years doing the polish thing. I love the way my toes sparkle with a bright red color…so sexy! But, the past two years or so I’ve decided to go “au natural”. I like letting my nail breathe and not having to use harsh chemicals to remove the polish. I see my friends with their pretty nail colors and almost want to start again, but then remind myself that natural is better…for me. 😊

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    1. I love it at least during this phase of life. I’ve got into it recently and enjoying it. There are safe alternatives and some healthier wats to paint nails. Remembering a Polish I used as a kid it was natural and peeled off.

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