Monday Motivation – Fall in Love

Hello everyone,

Just playing with punctuation here but seriously there is something so incredible romantic about fall. The bright beautiful hues, smells, the harvest, and the crisp air. Speaking of crisp air, it was so cold last night we actually had a frost warning. I think it is about time to have the fireplace and furnace inspected and ready to go and soon.

For a long time I was skeptic about ever finding love I figured it was just not for me and I was well on my way to being a spinster cat lady, and I was okay with that. My spouse who at the time when we met was my co-worker in the kitchen and not even my friend. In fact we had a terrible first impression of each other and didn’t get along. It was almost 6 years ago now. We continued to work together and found we made an efficient team. We slowly and I mean slowly became friends. That friendship grew into something more that we hid from everyone for quite a while as it is not necessarily acceptable to date a co-worker. Anyway the point to me telling this story is that I have found love and my best friend in the same place. I am so glad we did fall in love and am thankful for that all the time. I plan to take advantage of this extremely romantic time of year and get in some amazing dates. It is so important to date your spouse no matter how long you have been together. I know it can be difficult sometimes as life makes you busy but seriously stop and take the time to fall in love. That includes falling in love with yourself, your pets, your family, your friends, whatever you have going on fall, in love!

If you have been anywhere in the outside world than you must already know that pumpkin spice everything season is upon us. I have to admit I love pies they are my favourite but out of all the pies pumpkin is my least favourite. Now that everyone hates me for saying that I do make a mean pumpkin pie that everyone likes. I always make a pumpkin pie for dinner parties and this year I do want to try some new pumpkin recipes. Hopefully I will have all that ready soon and in time for your dinner party. If your Canadian too than you must already know Thanksgiving is only two weeks away already! So I will do what I can to share some of my favourite recipes for thanksgiving, hopefully before the holiday so rapidly approaching. This year I haven’t actually started planing anything yet for the holiday but I love an excuse to cook and get my loved ones together.

A recent post I put up featuring Autumn here in Alberta Canada got a lot of responses and views so I also want to get more of those photos out to you. I know most of you have already fallen in love with autumn and get enough of what the season has to offer. I just couldn’t resist this texture photo of the yellowing leaves on a rock bed. Surprisingly enough there is still a lot of green and the fallen leaves are still soft and don’t have that incredibly satisfying crunch to them yet. Don’t you find it funny that so many people have autumn as their favourite season, you know the season of death for annuals and that smell, yeah that is the smell of decaying leaves and plants. I guess the season reminds us it is okay and often rewarding to let go of what may be binding us down in order to start anew.


2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation – Fall in Love

  1. I think that’s a cute story! I also married my best friend!
    And I agree with you! It’s important to have dates every now and then, hubby and I like to make them weekly, and if that’s not possible, once a mont ๐Ÿ™‚


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