NOTW – A Little Grey Area

Hello Everyone,

I almost didn’t even get this post up today! I usually have posts scheduled in advance to go up at the same time everyday but the week got a hold of me and I didn’t have the time. It was also a very busy weekend and it is coming up on a very busy time of year as well hopefully that doesn’t get in the way of my regular posting. I had started my nails last night thinking I could do it before bed but no I was way too tired so I just finished them and here they are.

I actually really wanted to do more of an autumn themed nail but I guess in my ridiculous nail polish collection I am still missing some colours to do the nail look I was wanting. As I was digging I found some gems I haven’t used in a while and one that i don’t think I ever used.


This polish here from Revlon is called Silver which to me looks more grey than anything. I have never actually used it, why I have no idea I think it is gorgeous. My camera died and I couldn’t find the charger so the photo is not as clear  as I wanted it. The polish itself reminds me of cement and it is so beautiful to me I almost just wore it as is. I almost wish I had but I went for it and of course pulled out some other shades as you can see in the feature.


I trimmed my nails more in a square shape this time and cut them fairly short. As usual I started with Poshe basecoat to protect the nail. I went in with Revlon in silver, did a couple of accent nails with Revlon Midnight haze and painted glitter on the pinky with China Glaze Break the Ice. I finished off the manicure with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat as I usually do and ended up with a look I call Grey Area.

I am going to save the Autumn nails hopefully for next time but apparently I need to go shopping for colours first. Also I realized I posted last weeks NOTW without naming the look, how silly of me.


5 thoughts on “NOTW – A Little Grey Area

    1. I am absolutely in love with it! I love the cement like grey colour from Revlon in silver. it is so flattering looks way better on than in the bottle. I got it from a discount section no one was buying up this shade but it is stunning! The gun medal colour is nice too. For glitter I usually saturate a cotton ball and let it sit on the glitter for about a minute and it comes off fairly easy. Some glitter is more difficult than others. I know it’s a pain but I love them!

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      1. Thanks for the tip on glitter removal. I definitely appreciate it.

        You were so fortunate to find that color on sale. I love finding polishes on sale especially because some are pretty expensive. I love that color you used. It fits in well with the Earth tones I mentioned previously


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