Wordless Wednesday – Autumn Is Here

Tomorrow is officially the first day of fall and it is starting to look like it too!


24 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – Autumn Is Here

      1. It really is something else, it’s like someone flicked a switch. It was summer one day than boom autumn. Hoping we get a proper fall too sometimes a freak snowstorm well steal it away. I don’t want to let go of it yet.

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      2. It’s the opposite to London at the moment. It’s been hot here for months and we had our hottest day in 105 years last week. I think it will probably start to turn rainy and then just cold here at some point, no proper autumn sadly x

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      3. Weather and climate is truly amazing. It is forecasted to be one if the longest, coldest, and snowiest winters we have had in awhile. The signs are there. Maybe I’ll come stay with you always wanted to visit London!

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      4. I think I will soon, it is more affordable to fly out the country than it is to fly within it. I have never left the America’s but I really want to. It looks fairly affordable to travel out that way.

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      5. To fly to a neighbouring province an hour flight is almost double the cost to fly to the UK an over 8 hour flight. I don’t get it. It costs more to fly to the United States or south America than it does to fly over seas. It’s crazy!

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