Hello everyone,

There are a couple new things I have done for this week for this post. I mentioned last week I was trying a brand new polish and brand new formula and that I would have a more in-depth review of it this week. Also I wanted to feature the fall trend of angles and matte on top of metallic shades. Also I made my very own nail decals to create the chevron accent nail.


As always I started the manicure with my Poshe Basecoat. I then used my new Sally Hansen Color Therapy Agran oil Infused polish in Powder Room. On an angle I painted L’oreal The Magic Top Coat in Matte Velvet. I then used Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Ruby Do for the accents, which I believe was last launched last year for the Fall Collection. Followed by Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat to seal in the manicure.


This new Color Therapy Argan Oil Formula at first glance does not appear to be any different from any other polish and it claims you do not need a basecoat. We already know that cuticle oils and moisturizing is essential to have healthy looking nails. Somehow a Sally Hansen they figured out how to put the oils in the polish. I did use a basecoat so I can not actually say if it wears well without one or how that works. The nail polish is supposed to help “care while you wear”. The line introduced its own cuticle oil and top coat. I haven’t tried them but they were formulated to go together so I might look into it. At first glance I am thrilled with the shades available there are 33 and they look stunning! I had to stop myself from going broke at the stand and only grabbing one. I love this shade so much I think it is perfect for fall and I am excited to keep trying the nail therapy to see if it truly does improve my nails while I wear it. I have a feeling you will be seeing more of this in the future but unfortunately I will need more time to fully see if it is doing all that it claims.


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