Sharing is Caring

Hello everyone,

I was recently asked by someone close to me after I told them about this blog. They said how I can share so much of my life and be so public about myself on the internet. Figuring that I am possibly sharing too much and shouldn’t be. Or they say things like, I love what you do but I couldn’t be so exposed on the internet.

I thought about this and I guess it is scary to think that there is some creeper out there. Well it would be silly of me to be so naive and not think there may be a creeper, but for the most part, all of you are everyday people and not creepers. To hide from the world because there might be a potential of danger is not living to me. In the end, our lives, our memories, our experiences is what makes us truly unique. It is what separates us from being just like everyone else. It is the only thing no one can take from us, that is undoubtedly ours, unless a loss of memory occurs.

I figure that by sharing the things that make me unique, that by sharing my memories, and experiences that I may help someone, influence someone, inspire someone or just entertain someone. Why take the only thing that is truly mine and not share it. I’m not trying to claim fame here or anything I do this more for myself than for anyone else though I am delighted that so many of you enjoy what I do here.

I started this blog because I wanted to share all the extraordinary things I see, do, think, and feel. I come on here to read about your extraordinary things too. I love that we can connect like this and it has become so fulfilling to be a part of this community. Thanks for being so awesome!

With all that being said yes we should always practice caution on the internet. Don’t put anything out there unless you actually want it to be seen because once its out it may not be taken off. Reputation may be at stake as well. Employers these days do google search on potential employees and base their decision from what they see. Sharing things like your location could also invite an unwanted visitor. Being safe here on the big world-wide web is so important but in all reality there are dangers everywhere and If I stopped doing something I enjoyed because there might be a danger, well, than there really wouldn’t be anything to do but live in a padded room.


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