Makeup of the day – Pink is my favourite colour

Hello everyone,

Since my very first MOTD was so well received I thought I’d put out another one. I reviewed this palette here already and I have been using it so much ever since there is everything in here and I have been really enjoying it. I know it is fall and we are seeing more vampy looks everywhere but maybe I don’t want a dark vampy look yet as I hold on to summer before we Fall back.


For this look I used NYX on the go palette, Nyx Jumbo eye pencil in Milk, Revlon Colorstay ultimate suede in wardrobe, and L’oreal Butterfly Sculpt mascara.


First I put the Nyx jumbo pencil all around the lid focusing mostly in the inner corner. I used the shade labeled one in the inner corner and all in the middle of the lid just to give the white a light pink hue. I used the shade labeled 2 in the crease and blended that out really well. The Shade labeled 3 I put in the putter corner and blended into the crease leaving the center and inner corner untouched.


This palette also has some contours and highlights and blushes and these are the shade I chose to work with for this look. The blush here has really become a favourite for me as it breaks out of my comfort zone. For this look I used a really light hand on blush, contours and highlights as I wanted the eyes to be the star and with so much pinky shades I didn’t want to go too nuts.


This was actually a very wearable look for me and I took it to work. For the record pink really is one of my favourite colours so I am in love with this look!


For a special little hair treat here I did a classic french twist. I always thought this would be easier to do with a shorter length but I had an easier time when my hair was longer. I still managed to get it and tuck in all those crazy loose layers.


Here it is folks a close up of my pigment deficiency, yeah those are grey hairs. I am getting asked all the time about who I got to colour my hair this way, or how much it costs. If you want to learn more please read a couple posts I talk about embracing the grey. I use products to make the grey hair appear white and I talk about that in the post linked so check it out!

It is not easy to photograph the back of your head.

Anyway let me know what you think as always I love you feedback even if it does take me a couple of days or so to respond it is the highlights of my day.


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