Monday Motivation – Getaway

Hello everyone,

I actually didn’t get out and do as much camping this summer as I would have liked. Both times I went my spouse was sick too, poor guy. As if man colds weren’t bad enough lets put him in the wilderness like that. Still had fun though and this was an absolutely beautiful place!

This stretch of land preserved and untouched. This isn’t the place a novice camper goes as there are no amenities nearby and the dangers are endless. This is Crown land or the peoples land. If you are not familiar with what that means I’ll explain. Canada has been a monarchy for many centuries and crown land or the peoples land is royal domain an area belonging to the monarch. The Monarch cannot be separated from the crown land and cannot be sold. About 90% of Canada’s land is Crown land.

I hope I explained that okay, I guess there is still much about that whole thing that I do not completely understand so if you have more knowledge to share about it or if the country you live in also has crown land, well lets talk about that!

Being that we are camping on crown land you must take extra precautions and leave the land the same way you found it. Respecting the place so that everyone can enjoy it. It is simply incredible to be in these places to be disconnected from the digital world and connected more to the Earth itself. This is not the kind of camping that has a phone booth. I have many pictures from this adventure so watch out for them. You may have already seen some of them before as this is tagged somewhere near Sundre Alberta Canada.

We found these makeshift chairs around and they are perfection I love it!


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