Re-potting The Plants

Hello everyone,

If you have been following me for a while or following A Dirty Hoe is A Happy Hoe posts than you know I have been battling with Root Aphids, in my indoor plants. I have had casualties along the way as well. I mistreated them thinking they were fungus gnats and I now know the terrifying differences. I tried many things to combat them and they just kept on coming back. The last time I talked about this I had said I was going to throw out all the roots from all the plants, and I did.

I cut up the plants almost over a month ago or so and now they have sprouted roots and have gone back into soil. There have been more casualties but that was expected to happen. Going forward I am hoping this very invasive method has wiped out the plaque of Root Aphids. I am taking all precautions though and I am still planning on doing individual posts on each specie of plant as I have been doing a ton of research I will have that sometime in the future I just don’t know when yet. For now here is the update of the houseplants and getting back into soil.

I have been storing most of the plants up on the mantel as seen in the feature photo because they do have sticky traps in them and I would rather not have my kitten stuck to them because that has happened. At that time though I thought I was only fighting gnats, little did I know. Anyway let’s get to it.


Here we have the Ivy or what’s left of it. To see what the English Ivy used to look like I have a full post here. This time the Ivy did not take to well too being snipped away at and propagated in this way. I have lost a lot of vines but I still have some of he plant. By the way all these pots and plant accessories have been thoroughly bleached and cleaned before putting the plants into the new soil. The English Ivy here was one of the first plants I acquired when I started this houseplant journey so I do love it and want to keep it around. I well keep them here in this small plants to get stronger and more established before putting them in a hanging pot again.


Actually this guy is a newbie. I know I said I wasn’t going to get any new plants until I had sorted this all out but I did anyway. This is a clipping as well from a friends a spider plant which is pet friendly. I have realized a lot of my plants are not pet friendly so I have been attempting to be more aware of this and where they are so they are out of reach from the kitten. My senior cats have never really been interested in the plants so I never had to worry in the past. I love spider plants and I hope this thing grows up to an impressive size!


These two are also some of the first plants I acquired when starting my houseplant gardening journey so they are special. Who am I kidding all the plants are special to me. These are Dragons as they are commonly referred to. I have done a post going on more about these guys here. I did love the elephant dragon in all this but at least these two are still happily growing along.


The Hoya here has been collecting critters on its sticky and I am really hoping they are just fruit flies as they have been around as of late. Time well tell if it starts dying of no roots than I well know this method of saving plants from Root Aphids doesn’t work and everything well go in the trash. Hoping that is not the case. I want to see a frigging bloom off this plant so bad it is incredible!


The Arrowhead, I managed to get three pots out of this one plant. It grows really fast and is so easy to grow. I have been though a lot with this plant in the short time I have had it. I know it well come back and get to be of an impressive size in no time such a beautiful vine plant. It grew rots back really quickly from almost every snip I took.


The massive split leaf plant actually became three plants as well. Still growing new leafs and still splitting which is a sign it is happy. I don’t know yet If I am going to keep all three plants here because they get so big and can easily take over my apartment but I won’t give any away until I know there is no root aphids to infect it. To see this plant when I first got it click here.


This here is me attempting to propagate the African Violet. I have never done this before and am going of off what I learned on google to do this. If this goes down right I should have a lot and I mean a lot of baby African violets here. If it works everyone will get African Violets for Christmas if there is no pests that is. To see the African Violet in its glory click here.


The Christmas Cactus and Thanksgiving Cactus. These are seeming to be really happy as both species have already started to produce new segments which is really neat. See how I made two plants four? To see the Christmas and Thanksgiving Cactus in their glory click here.


This is what’s left of the poor Lipstick plant. The only way to actually share with you just how much I have lost with this plant I actually went to find a photo of it. Just so much of it was lost I am about to give up hope on it. It will not be able to survive any more stress and damage.


Lipstick before root aphids devastated it.


I do not have hopes the avocados are going to make it. I actually still have them outside but whatever. I started some more. I actually started more than this but Shredder discovered kitchen counters and hid one so I am down to these two. As you can see one of the pits is sprouting it’s roots! I started this August 9th, a lot of people always asked me how I made the Avocados grow and this is how so I am documenting more exact how long it took to go from pit to plant. To see old Avocados that are still outside click here. To see how the first one died click here.

Now that is done it is time for me to take care of what is happening on the balcony it is a mess and I am embarrassed to show you this.


The old plant homes, the dead plant clippings, the contaminated soil. I well need to bleach out the rest of these pots and throw everything else away!


It is already getting colder at night and we had frost about a week ago so the things out here are about to end their life cycle. You can also see what is left of the avocados in the corner again sorry about the mess I have not been caring for the balcony as of late so it is a disaster. I can’t believe the asters are blooming now, Seriously we are getting frost all summer and now you bloom!


Asters in bloom.


Cupids dart in bloom. I planted these from seed you can go back and see that post here. I guess March wasn’t early enough to plant these from seed in my zone.

I lost all the lemon tree plants so I will be starting those up again after getting the balcony cleaned. I also lost the Aloe Vera but I did get the Gasteria which is from the same family. I well replace the Aloe in the future when I know that risk of root pests are gone.


The Gasteria I got as a birthday present from friends. I am still learning more about this plant but it is beautiful I love it!

Anyway I’ll end this post here. If you have any questions or tips to share with me I’ll happily respond.


3 thoughts on “Re-potting The Plants

  1. You’re simply so patient. I would’ve given up a long time ago lol. I only own one plant and it’s thriving! I’m looking forward to getting more plants to purify the air inside the house. 🙂
    And good luck with the root aphids problem. I really hope your hard work isn’t in vain and those plants can be saved 🙂

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