Monday Motivation – Blue Bells

I took this photo on a camping trip from this summer. The message I wrote here was inspired by the actual flower meaning. It actually seemed to work a lot more than I had ever dreamed and completely relates to how I am feeling. I learned the other day that someone I had looked up to and had amazing respect for has been involved in something terrible and it breaks my heart. What I am feeling right now is difficult to describe. It is like meeting your hero and finding out that they are everything you can’t stand. In a way I want to reach out to this person but I have no idea what to say. I feel like they are suffering and that they should because of their actions. I feel bad for saying that but I also feel bad for having sympathy for them. I know this guilt is not mine to own but I feel it and it has consumed my thoughts. It will pass but unfortunately someones decisions can affect so many people, more than I think anyone can imagine or predict. I am mourning for someone who is not even passed. To learn this information when I am already in mourning has only intensified my sadness. I will require a great deal of healing to get through this.


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