NOTW – Party Tips!

Hello everyone,

No I am not actually giving you party tips that I just what I named the design based on the polish name. I really wanted a look that was on the darker side, a little more edgy but with a pop of fun. I think I got that with this look and actually as I am typing to you the tips are kind of distracting I am focusing in on my nails big time! I know they will draw in attention this week. Looks like my tips ended up getting a little shaky I did free hand them and it is getting late I was starting to feel tired here but true dedication to you guys I stayed up to make sure this look would be ready to post for you!


So I started off with my Poshe base coat. I am still absolutely loving this no matter what colour polish I slap on my nails nothing stains them the polish goes on really smooth and looks amazing! Next I used OPI Nicole in Razzle Dazzle and I have to admit I am not a fan of the Nicole polishes. I do not like the shape of the bottle it is a lot of waste and the quality is just not there at least in the few I have tried. I no longer purchase polishes from that line that is just my personal preference. I really wanted the pop of colour to shine through so I opted to put a matte top coat all over the black I used L’oreal The Matte Velvet. To make the colour really pop I had to put a white down over the black, the white polish I have been using is Sally Hansen in Ivory Skull. That beautiful colour on the tips of my nails is  from China Glaze in Pool Party. It reminds me of my Color Club in Poptastic that I love so much but this one leans more on the orange side whereas Poptastic is more pink. These super bright colours just make me so happy to look at and though one might say they are more of a summer colour I just really needed this fun yet super edgy look to reflect where I am emotionally right now. I did finish the tips off with my Sally Hansen step 2 gel top coat only to seal in the Pool Party. I would have preferred a non gel top coat but apparently I do not have one so the tips of my nails are a little thicker than I would like but I am loving the look!


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