Seed Saving with Spinach

Hello everyone,

I didn’t have a lot of luck with spinach again this year. I am planting at the wrong times because it gets too hot for the spinach and it bolts every year before I even get a chance to harvest. This is the first time I have attempted saving the seeds from the plant so this is totally experimental but here it goes.


This photo shown above is what spinach looks like when it bolts. When spinach bolts the leaves become very bitter and is not enjoyable to eat. The spinach will bolt when the days become longer and warmer. Being so far north our days here can be very long during summer months right now for example the sun sets at about 11pm, spring is usually too cold and I started early with these so I am thinking of perhaps starting it for a fall crop I am not sure yet. I guess I will just wait for now and see how I feel after dealing with the indoor garden.


In the photo above I have cut a few of the branches down of the bolted spinach. This is after the plant flowered and produced these seed clusters. You can choose to have the seeds dry up on the plant or cut them as I have. I did remove all the leaves as well as washed the stalks thoroughly to avoid bugs. I also wanted to show off that I got some more tomatoes. I do not think these are as yummy as last years super sweet 1000 variety but it is really fulfilling to be able to consume something I grew and took care of.


If you do cut the stalks you will need to completely dry out the seeds. I have used some yarn from my crochet drawer that I have been neglecting for far too long tied them off and hung them out to dry.


After a week or so passed I needed the space to dry out some more herbs so I transferred these to a container to continue to dry out. The seeds easily crumbled off the stalks though some still stayed in their cluster, I am not sure if that is because they need more time. I am just going to give them more time here. I have Dill and Basil to harvest and I will show you more of that as I get to it.


I did also manage to save some flower seeds from the wildflower mix I can’t remember which ones these are but I am going to try to get more for next year.


Since we are on the seed saving topic lets look down the counter here to see that I have in fact started some new pits in the attempt to recover my dream of a mini Avocado orchard. Also you can see the lipstick still holding on and in the corner that is the lemon tree barely making it. Those are the last few leaves left and it is of questionable health. Oh well I guess I’ll have to start more of those too. I moved the Gasteria up higher so my kitten Shredder didn’t well, shred it.


Since I am showing an update might as well show you all of it. These are the plants currently in water glasses trying to grow roots on my mantel. Some of those Arrowhead leaves have turned really pale. the Dragon’s have lost a lot of their lower leaves and some of the ivy dried out. There are signs of roots growing though and I will soon be putting them in soil really soon!


4 thoughts on “Seed Saving with Spinach

    1. Yeah, so the plant is literally going to seed before I even get edible enough to eat leaves. I think it is just because we had a really hot spring and the spinach didn’t like that. Thanks for the tip though!


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