Monday Motivation – Fall in Love

Hello everyone, Just playing with punctuation here but seriously there is something so incredible romantic about fall. The bright beautiful hues, smells, the harvest, and the crisp air. Speaking of crisp air, it was so cold last night we actually had a frost warning. I think it is about time to have the fireplace and furnace inspected and ready to go and soon. For a … Continue reading Monday Motivation – Fall in Love

Apple Cider Sangria

Hello everyone, I found a very seasonal drink for this months What’s Your Poison? Apple Cider Sangria. There are so many incredible Sangria drinks out there and recently my Pinterest has been blowing up from these types of drinks. The Pinterest post that inspired me is actually a combination.   and My actual recipe is a little bit different from hat found in these posts … Continue reading Apple Cider Sangria

Child Free Shaming, Why Is It Acceptable?

Hello everyone, I don’t normally get on here and talk about controversial topics but this one bothers me to no end. I am going to get a little personal and it may be offending to some people but at the same time those who relate to this need to read and hear that there are others out there feeling this way. I want to talk … Continue reading Child Free Shaming, Why Is It Acceptable?