MOTD – Feeling Blue

Hello Everyone,

I have never done a makeup of the day post yet, this is my very first one. I just found that my camera in the past didn’t really pick up my makeup looks very well, they never looked good as I thought they did in person. I was a little hesitant to do this type of post I mean there are just so many beauty blogs out there and so many very talented individuals that I didn’t want to just fall into the just another beauty blogger category. I got over that insecurity, I know I am not going to fall through the cracks here as I have followers from all different walks of life, a lot of you are beauty bloggers yourself and if your anything like me you can look through beauty blogs all day and still find inspiration and joy in it. So I hope my first makeup of the day is received well and let me know if this is something you would like to see more of in the future! I like to consider myself to be savvy so I go out of my way to find quality products at affordable prices so much of what you see in my posts if you haven’t realized already is drugstore and totally affordable. With the right technique and products you can achieve a really great look without spending the big bucks. I will admit though I do splurge once in awhile, only after sampling and research. This look created here today is 100% drugstore and totally affordable.


Some of these products I have talked about on here before so it is only natural that I get around to actually doing a makeup look using them. I don’t know why I didn’t include my foundation but I am wearing L’oreal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation in the shade 102 Shell Beige. I have been absolutely loving this foundation for a while now. I love the semi matte finish and it gives me a good coverage.

I used this Cream Blush from NYX in the shade orange on the cheeks. I am still really loving the coral toned blush shades ever since I discovered them, though I do switch back to a dusty rose once in a while. I am not usually a fan of cream blushes but I do like these.

I placed Jordana Made to Last liquid Eye shadow in Forever Sand all over the lid focusing on the inner eye. I absolutely love this stuff I picked it up in Vegas and I am wishing I grabbed all the shades it’s not available in Canada. I remember they were really affordable and I get compliments every time I wear this! It lasts all day and really catches the light so it attracts the eye. It doesn’t crease on me and is just wow! I didn’t use a primer with this look as the liquid eye shadow is very long wearing I just dragged it into the crease a little bit and placed powder shadows on top. I wanted to try out the Revlon Not Just Nudes palette some more and so here I have on Passionate Nudes. Referring to the photo below I used the shade labelled 1 as a highlight on the brow bone, I used 2 in the crease and 3 in the outer corner and blended really well using a clean fluffy brush. The secret with this palette is to make sure you dust off any excess and wear over top a light coloured cream based shadow or have a good primer. As I mentioned in my review of this product I had had trouble blending, though using these techniques application and blending went a whole lot smoother.


I acquired a bunch of these pencils from Styli-Style on sale a while back and never even busted them out. There was this fabulous shimmery blue in the shade sky that I just had to try out. These pencils are in a strange triangular shape so I am not sure how they will stand the test of time and a sharpener but I will cross that bridge when I come to it. I placed this liner along the lower lash line to create more drama to this nude look. I brought it all the way up to meet that darker shade in the outer corner to create a different take on a winged liner. I am not usually big on liner so this was a daring move for me. I usually just use it to tight line if I even pick it up.

I am trying out this mascara I am not really sure how I feel about it yet I don’t hate it I am still using it daily. Though I am not getting the dramatic lashes I love so much. This is the L’oreal Voluminous Butterfly Sculpt in Black.

For the lips I chose Maybelline Matte in Touch of Spice, I absolutely love this lipstick I had no idea and I am really wanting to try more shades. I am not normally drawn to nude lips at all though this one is not really that nude to me even though that is the section you will find it in.

I did finish everything off with a setting spray and this look lasted me the whole day. I did have to touch up the lipstick after eating.


For the hair, I separated a small portion of hair on the crown of my head. I separated the remaining hair into three ponytails one above the other. I teased the hair gently to give it more volume and pulled the three ponytails into buns to create a bit of a partial faux hawk. I teased the remaining hair at the crown of my head and smoothed it back using a boar bristle brush to create a poof, and I pinned it back into the faux hawk. I am a big fan of having a really feminine yet edgy look. This is one of my favourite hair styles and I was really happy I could still pull it off even though I had recently chopped off a lot of length. For a more polished sleek look skip teasing the hair, for longer hair you can braid the three ponytails before pinning them into buns.


So I guess that concludes my first MOTD post, with a bonus hair style! I hope you liked this and please let me know in the comments if you would like to see more makeup of he day, or if you would like to see more hair styles. I value your feedback and appreciate all your support!



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