NOTW – It’s a Good Day for Glitter!

Hello everyone,

I know this is a very similar look from last week but after looking at that pre-fall shade I got to thinking and rummaged through my nail collection to find shades that to me resembled the pre-fall look without being too pastel and spring like. I didn’t have too many but I did find this little gem. This is Revlon in the shade Flirt. It is a pretty very pinky lilac shade. I had to give it three coats to get the desired opacity.

That accent nail is actual glitter! I have never really used glitter like that to do nail designs in the past but I felt I needed an extra boost for my manicure this week. The glitter is wonderful it gives the look a really glamourous touch. I am going to have to get to the craft store for some more glitter this was just too much fun! It is eye catching and lots of people have noticed it. I appreciate that the glitters do not life as they often do when in a polish I put the gel top coat on and it feels smooth to the touch. Get used to seeing glitter because I love the way this looks and i don’t think I could have found a better much for this shade if I tried!


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