What’s in my bag?

Hello everyone,

I see you, doing your “What’s in my bag” posts well lets get real here folks you don’t actually want to see what’s in our bag. Yea it’s great if it was just cleaned and packed this morning but in all reality in an everyday girls bag it is nothing like these carefully thought out strategically placed instagram worthy photos we see. To prove my point I dumped my bag in all it’s glory for you to see, then I took out a couple pieces handfuls of garbage like reciepts, candy wrappers, random fluff, and crumbs oh gosh the crumbs how do they get in there!?

This is what is really in my bag,


Okay so we have a feather earring that I lost the mate to, some anti histamines because allergies are delightful. A single bobby pin, three large ponytail holders because you can never find them. Two mismatched mini hair claws, and a rock because awesome! A Polaroid photo and that round mystery thing is Tylenol because you never know! A pair of sunnies, two Vietnamese candies and two panty liners. A pen with nothing to write on, my future as told from the great and wise cookie “All of your hard work and dedication will pay off soon.” Passport in case you know I’m going to travel the world today! A ridiculous 5 tampons from 3 different brands because PMS! A whopping $1.15, I’m saving up for a large double double from Tim Hortons! Four lipsticks because I need to have four at all times, seriously though why four lipsticks and one lip gloss no wonder I can’t find them when I am doing makeup in the morning. A nail file in case of a nail emergency, tickets from honestly I don’t know, I found them in a hidden pocket I don’t know what they are from. A travel toothbrush two pack with one brush in it and a cellular phone. Where are my keys?

I went to an event they did bag checks and this is what they saw. I get it they are looking to see if I have something I’m not supposed to but how violating is that? Clearly I’m not that embarrassed as I just showed the entire internet but seriously this is what to expect to see from an actual, real girls, “what’s in my bag?” I spared you the fistful of receipts and random garbage but know that they were in there too.

My real point to this post is that what you see on the internet from instagram, youtube, facebook, wordpress or any other social platform is only a glimpse into peoples lives. An edited carefully placed small view. It might look super pretty and glam but real life is not always pretty carefully placed and posed. Be thankful for what you have, enjoy your life for what it is, and if you are not happy in it make a change. Don’t compare yourself to these filtered, over edited glimpses littering every corner of the internet and media alike. Be humble knowing that you are the best version of you, that you are always growing and learning to be brighter! Sometimes what’s hiding in our bags is no ones business and it might not be pretty but it’s real and it’s your very own baggage!


17 thoughts on “What’s in my bag?

    1. I’m glad you liked it. It can be daunting looking at perfect Pinterest creations and the intimidation of Instagram beauty and photography filters. We need to once in awhile cone back down to Earth and appreciate what we have going for us!


  1. Fantastic post, my compliments, very well said!

    Just for the record I carry three lip sticks and two glosses in my purse, and must admit it is by choice, … since I put it on when I am going out, or am out I found keeping them there ready to match and use is easier then remembering to grab one on my way out. But then I don’t usually wear a lot of make-up, … can you tell? Love my lipstick though!

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