Revlon Colorstay Not Just Nudes

Hello Everyone,

These two palette’s recently launched at my local drugstore. I grabbed both of them and looking back I probably only should have grabbed one or none, as there are some shades that look identical from palette to palette. I have swatched them primer free here so you can get an idea of how they go on. With most palettes from the drug store there is some hits and some misses.


In the swatch above and in the pan below is “Passionate Nudes” Most of these shades go on with a light to moderate shimmer, only a couple matte colours in the pan. In all reality I have other eye shadows similar to these shades so unless you don’t already have a nude palette I wouldn’t run out and grab them. I really like the copper colour second from the right that is my favourite one from the palette.



I am never usually a big fan of the brush that comes with it but a nice little feature that they supply a brush as opposed to those dreadful sponge tip applicators. Below is a look created using a combination from the two pallettes but unfortunately I didn’t record which ones I used. With a bit of primer, a creamy shadow base, and setting spray, I was able achieve this look but I did have issues blending and it looks well, it could be better.

Below is a swatch from the “Romantic Nudes” palette. That one is probably closer to my go to shades but I was disappointed in some of the swatches. Granted this was taken from my old camera and I should have re done the shot so you can see better. You can see what I mean though that some of the shades are nearly identical. Though I noticed what was matte in one is shimmery in the other. I still stand by that it is not really necessary to get both, pick the one you like and stick to that. Just know there are a few issues I had I don’t know if it was just me but I think they could have done better.


My favourite here is the top right it is gorgeous! I have yet to try a makeup look with it on but I know it will be beautiful with primer and setting spray. I am surprised at the difference the product is from pan to swatch, what happened there?! Despite it being summer my skin is still really light so some of those shades barely show up on me. I think with primer a few of them well make a nice highlight on the face.


There are a few other palettes that launched in the same display but they included lipstick and blushes. I bypassed them as I don’t usually use the lipsticks in those palettes they go to waste so I thought I’d get more bang for my buck with these. Hindsight is 20/20 and Revlon does do a good lipstick.

Final reviewing there are some of the same or very similar shades in each palette so it is not necessary to get both choose between to two. I have not tried some of the other “Nude” Palette’s from the drugstore so I cannot really compare which is better. These shadows here aren’t the best and as you can see a lot of the shades didn’t even show up on my skin. The formula from shade to shade varies so much some come off really dry and powdery and others are chunky and inconsistent. Primer and setting spray is a must with these and blending issues may happen. I’ll be able to get some use from these but they are not my favourite eye shadows at the drugstore. Have you tried these yet? What do you think of them? Is there something you would like to see me review? Let me know in the comments! Also I am thinking of doing some Makeup of the day posts, if that is something you would like to see let me know!


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