Tomato Basil Harvest

Hello everyone,

I have been waiting for this for so long. I had so much basil from last year I dried a lot of it up. Last years harvest did not last me  the whole year as soon as I ran out I have missing it, especially the cinnamon basil!

When harvesting Basil you want to snip the plant just above two new shoots out the sides of the main stem. This well help to promote new growth. The more you trim the tops of the plant the more it will grow. You have to keep up on it though or it will start to produce buds and not yummy leaves.


Always cut with a clean sharp cutter and never harvest in the heat of the afternoon it may wilt the harvest. Soak the leaves in cold water to ensure they are clean and free from bugs. You can see in my photo the two types of basil I planted the sweet and the cinnamon.


In a damp towel place the basil leaves in it. It’s best to find a sturdy paper towel you can wet and wring out any excess.


Seal it in a plastic bag. This method helps to keep the basil fresher for a longer period of time in the fridge.


Label the bags with what they are and the date and store them in the crisper part of the fridge. There are other ways to preserve basil which I may feature here in the future but I wanted to have fresh leaves this time and needed to promote growth on the plants.


I also got those tomatoes from the plants so that is cool. This photo was taken a little while ago and the lemon is not looking as good as it does here right now and the elephant dragon I ended up throwing away as it was just not going to make it unfortunately.

Some flowers from my wildflower plants outside! The orange one near the top I showed you before in a Wordless Wednesday it is so unique it opens up in the morning and closes up like this in the evening.

I was watching some old Star Trek episode for nostalgia, I think it is incredible that my camera was able to pick that up.

Any way I am looking forward to more garden harvests I just love benefiting from my green thumb. My Spinach did in fact bolt so I am going to harvest the seeds. The dill is flowering and that is the ideal time to harvest as it is the most flavourful. The basil is already ready to be trimmed again and I plan on drying most of the next harvest. The Houseplants are getting close to being ready for soil. Lots of exciting posts to look forward to here on this feature A dirty hoe is a happy hoe.


4 thoughts on “Tomato Basil Harvest

  1. Thanks for the cool harvesting tips, one day I will have a herb garden 🙂 I should really train my green thumb though, I feel like I would kill every plant before harvest otherwise 😂

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