Beauty and Makeup Cull

Hello Everyone,

It’s that time again for another cull post. Actually I have had this stuff for longer than I care to admit and it is about time they get disposed of!


These rollers from Avon, don’t even get me started on these. I have been searching for effective no heat ways to curl my hair. My hair doesn’t take a curl very well and so overnight curlers have been my thing. I saw these and thought they would be more comfortable to sleep in since they are basically just a foam tubing! These are terrible, they do not stay connected when you join the two ends. The Velcro piece just gets tangled in your hair. Oh and no matter how tightly you roll these as soon as you let go the hair unravels and sits loosely barely hanging on unless its tangled in the Velcro. These were a big waste of time and never successfully curled a strand of hair. So glad to be rid of them!


They make better cat toys than curling anything if you see these don’t waste your money!


I thought I had thrown this out but apparently I just put it into the same bad product bin as everything else. I won’t talk about why I hate this too much because I did a post on it already you can see that here.


This mineral foundation was picked out for me to match my skin tone by a kiosk lady in the mall. I actually picked up two eye shadows that day too that I actually like those but this product did not do it for me. Maybe it matched my skin tone when we first put it on but it oxidizes as you wear it and it made me look like an ommpa loompa! I was horrified! She did my full makeup right there in the mall it looked great and I wore it all day until I finally checked in on it when i got home and couldn’t believe it! I tried it a few times even as a bronzer but I could just not do it. Something about mineral makeup I have yet to try a kind that does not oxidize into a horrifying makeup fail. Have you? If so tell me about it in the comments!


Yikes this stuff, Covergirl and Olay eye rehab 2 in 1 concealer. More like fine line accentuate to the max cream! I found that it moved as you wore it too and settled into any crease so if you laugh a lot or move your face at all expect this to go with it. I don’t tend to like Covergirl products I don’t know why I keep going back for them. Anyway I discovered I didn’t like this long ago it got buried in the stash and is most likely expired as well so it’s about time this left the scene.


Another Covergirl product, why do I torture myself. I won’t go on about this too much because I did make a post about it too check that out here. I actually forgot I hated this product, found it in the stash and used it again. Same result, there is just nothing great about this stuff this time it is going in the trash for real!


This is disappointing These products are Arbonne. I think I won a basket of all these products from a fair of some kind most of these are barely used or even some not even opened or used. In the small tube I have here a moisturizing night cream, only I could never get past the smell to actually try it out. Next to that is a moisturizing day lotion with SPF 20 it is so long expired I am embarrassed to say okay 2013.. yuck so I can’t remember why I didn’t like this one but it has barely been used. I don’t know why there is no expiry date or ingredients on these products I can’t remember why I didn’t like this but if the other expired so long ago I am afraid to try it on my face! It smells a bit sour so I am staying away! The Hydrating Cleanser and freshener hasn’t even been opened there is no expiry date and I might just hold off and try it. There were three other products in white tubes on in the feature photo same thing no expiry and hasn’t been opened. I am going to see if I can find information about ingredients and look up lot numbers if I have to to see if they are still good. Bottom line is I tried some of these products and was so disgusted that I didn’t even bother opening them all up. So really what does that tell you. A quick search and I discover that these products are on the pricey side so I would expect these to be a whole lot better than they are. Though I didn’t spend the money on these I still am watching big bucks go into the trash. Have you tried any of these products? What was your experience like? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Beauty and Makeup Cull

  1. When it comes to face creams I have hard time, not only with the scents but my skin is indescribably fussy and sensitive, … so I often use them as hand and body moisturizers if for whatever reason facila application isn’t a possibility.

    And I made a discovery just over a week ago that I thought you might be interested in. I tried pputting my damp hair up in a hair donut and letting it finish drying (over night) in it. Some people get real curls from doing this (I think the size of the donut has a lot to do with the results) I was using a big one (LONG hair) and didn’t get that but it did dry with the most amazing volume and bounce. Unfortunately I hurt my thumb the next day so I haven’t been able to experiment further but I’m really looking forward to doing it again!

    Thanks for sharing, always intersting to see how products are received.

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