Patio Garden

Hello everyone,

I am so excited about the garden. As you know I was skeptical about my green thumb skills due to the root aphid devastation. I wanted a garden outside but didn’t want to invest any money or very much time into it. I lazily threw down some seeds and woohoo I made plants!


Okay I did buy those flowers but I got them on a really good deal right at the beginning of the season and they are still giving me beautiful blooms I love them!


Behind those flowers you will notice some peas and these did come from seed I am so happy because I tried peas last year and they didn’t work so I am really proud of them this year.


My beautiful wildflowers that are escaping at the top of the photo here and some dill. I did really well with dill last year but this year they are coming out a bit leggier and not as full. Oh well I will still be able to get a small harvest from them.


The cinnamon basil, I have been so excited about this. It is a wonderfully fragrant basil and does have a hint of cinnamon spice you would expect from it’s name. You can see too the basil has red or purple stems and when it does try to flower or set seed they are purple too. I have been plucking them away to promote continuous growth I’ll talk more about that in a post as I have already got some deliciousness from this garden.


Here is the sweet basil, you can immediately see the difference between the two strains of basil. The leaves here fuller and brighter shade of green Taste is very different as well. I am almost positive it is sweet basil you well likely see at the grocery store over the many other strains.


Here you see my tomatoes which haven’t been producing and looking as healthy as I would like. I did buy these too. They were probably heavily fertilized and in the most ideal conditions of a green house so the shock of transitioning into natural Alberta climate they are responding this way. Just a theory I have, I do see a handful of tomatoes but the plants always look droopy. The leaf lettuce that I never trimmed down went out of control. it is time to eat some of that!


As I mentioned in my previous post, I had put the Avocados outside this photo was taken before the sun started to burn the leaves but you can see they are just weak sad little plants and the wild weather here will probably destroy them.

Coming soon a post featuring my harvest from this little garden!


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