NOTW -Can’t Dim My Shine!

Hello everyone,

This week’s nail was actually inspired by a magazine article, from one of my favourite rags Canadian Living! Chelsea King @chelseaqueen Revlon global Nail Stylist called the look Bronze Age. The Idea is to choose a warm metallic and apply a matte top coat. For her design she suggested Revlon Colourstay Gel Envy Nail Enamel in Jackpot and Lucky. Both really bronze shades. I did not have those colours on hand but I had to have the look so I find a dupe in my collection. I have chosen OPI “Worth a Pretty Penne” You may remember it from Dreaming in Colour, I picked up this shade as I was seeing it every time I closed my eyes or just day dreamed. I had to have it! I have used it again in another other nail art look here.


The matte top coat really does change the effect of the metallic colour I am going to try this method out on a few other metallic shades I have floating around and really dive into this trend as I think it is just so unique. I can’t fully describe it, almost as though it looks like it should have a texture where the metallic intense glimmer would be without taking away that the shine and sparkle. I am loving this trend and can’t wait to try it with some other fabulous metallic shades I have around. I am still loving my Poshe basecoat since getting it I have tried so many colours and my nails are never stained so I really appreciate that. I bought this Matte Coat probably last year I think maybe longer. Anyway I never use it so I am very welcoming of the inspiration from Septembers issue of Canadian Living. The Matte Coat I have on hand is L’oreal in “The Matte Velvet”. I noticed in the past that the Matte polish doesn’t last as long as some of the other top coats but trying it this time it has lasted on my nails for a almost a week, I wonder if I was too quick to judge matte top coats.

Anyway I am loving this look, I love this colour I think it is just a perfect fall trend and just in time for back to school.

For more nail designs from yours truly follow this link to see more from the feature Nail of The Week.


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