New tool and cutting up the plants!

Hello everyone,

I got a new toy! The tool in the feature photo bought specifically to be a better gardener as some things need to be harvested look for harvest posts coming soon and to snip away the roots of all my plants. I have had it with the root aphids and everything is dying anyway so I have decided to cut down all the plants and throw the roots out. I am taking away the food source and hopefully getting rid of them for good. It was hard and I really didn’t want to chop down all my plants but I did. Now just to wait and see if they can grow new roots and come back. I tried so many things to get rid of those bugs they become resilient to the products used and anything else to try may be harmful to my pets so in my mind this was the only way.


Above is the elephant dragon I intended to rescue from my friend. This guy could not be saved it was too small to cut even though I got as close to the soil line as I could the plant could not stay together so I threw it out.


Above tangled in cat fur is the poor poor lipstick plant, or what’s left of it. I have had luck with this plant rooting in water before so I think it will be okay it’s crazy how much of this plant has been lost.


Above the English Ivy I know this thing is easily propagated this way as I have trimmed it so many times. I have no doubt this one can be saved.


Above and below are my dracaena marginata I am really not sure what will happen with these, they have started losing some of the lower leaves but that is normal and what gives the stem the look that it has. I know when you cut the top of these sometimes they grow multiple stems. So I don’t know what happens when you cut the roots off. Time will tell.


The Split leaf below, I did say the pot was over crowded and would look better separated. Well now it will be I know these things can root in water or they grow aerial roots too so they will be fine. For some of these split leaf vines I was able to just pull on them and they came right out of the soil. They were absolutely being eaten by these demon bugs!


The Arrowhead which I guess I forgot to photograph for this has also been successfully rooted from clippings in the past so I think it will be okay. Same with the Hoya which also didn’t get photographed when I did this.

The Lemon Tree I don’t think will make it, just keeps losing leaves and dying back. I put everything else out side. Aside from the thunder and lightning storms it has been hot and the sun scorched the African violet to death. The Christmas cactus’s and the Avocados are outside too and it looks like they are next to die from the sun scorching them. Probably wasn’t a good idea to put the infested plants outside but I did and hopefully the garden out there isn’t too affected.


I took this photo after a week I think of trimming, just to check water levels and plan ahead for grouping and pots. I also wanted to inspect for rooting and bugs. I am pleased with the results I am seeing new growth below the water line!


These are the ones I talked about that I just pulled out of the pot. They have also been growing back healthy roots and will outgrow the glasses really soon. Doesn’t look like many of these leaves have splits though, oh well hopefully no bugs and that’s the goal here. I will be buying the specific soil it requires and keeping the plant in a different location away from all the rest with a sticky trap in it to see if I catch anything. I will repeat this process with all trimmings until I am positive they are free from root aphids. As I do this I will do some pretty good research on each of these plants and gather all my photos and information to share here with all of you! So look forward to that my plant loving friends!

This is a lot of work doing all this for these plants and as garden centres are closing or already closed for the season I am worried about finding everything I need or a selection of nice pots. The old pots if I want to keep them need to be completely bleached and cleaned out. I am trowing away all soil, that means after I harvest the outside garden I will be tossing that too just to be sure. I am not taking any risks that way, I want these frigging things gone.

Meanwhile I have been filling the void of space left by the absence of the plants see the photos below.


I love the colours together and as strange as it is to see no plants there I have the pots I plan to use at least ready for their new tenants. I am missing the green space here though. I since but a cool mist humidifier there to help cool and add moisture into the air. Though it has been really stormy around here still, the air outside smells kind of swampy I think it has to do with having a dry winter and spring. Mosquitoes are out full force and the musky swamp air is yak worthy. It was so hot the other day but as soon as the sun went down the swamp smell filled my home and I lit a scented candle. I don’t normally light candles in the warmer months so you know it was bad.


A friend got me this plant for me birthday I do not know a whole bunch about it yet but I thought it looked fitting in my rock garden. The flowers could not stay like that as Shredder was getting into them, I took them away as they are not safe toys for cats they come apart easy into small pieces so away they went. The actually fell off the branches from the previous photo and I just haven’t stuck them back on.


And in place of my missing Ivy this hanging seashell. I’m improvising here it looks nice to me for now, but I can’t wait to see my greenery back.

Coming soon, a post on the garden outside and my first harvests!

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Thanks for reading friends and wish me luck on this root aphid fight.

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