Broken makeup

Hello everyone,

Don’t you just absolutely hate it when you drop and break your makeup. I was in such a rush that morning and running late only to smash my blush all over the place. Things like that only seem to happen when you are already rushed and running late.

The blush that I destroyed is Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Airbrushing Blush in Rose. I didn’t have a before it broke photo unfortunately that’s why I including the link. I love this shade of blush it works really well with my skin tone. This brush is very pigmented and should be applied with a very light hand. It builds and blends really well and I find it lasts nicely throughout the day when using my setting spray. It gives the skin a really nice glow. It is one of my go to blushes I really like it and have been using it daily for some time now so I was devastated when I broke it!

I had never actually broken a piece of makeup like this before but I had heard it can be fixed. First smash the rest of the product so it resembles crumbs as mine does in the photo. Add a few drops of alcohol and stir gently just add small drops at a time until the product has been incorporated as shown in my photo. Smooth out the surface of the product and leave for several hours or overnight. The alcohol will evaporate out of the product and leave you with a blush again.

Not sure what happenned here mine cracked a little as it was drying it may be because I used 70% rubbing alcohol and in the future if I try this I will get 99 isopropyl alcohol, perhaps that is the issue. Cracked or not I have the blush back!


The blush still works nicely, it may not be as pretty in the pan as it was before but it still looks pretty on the face and in the end that is what matters most of all! I didn’t think this technique of rescuing broken makeup would actually work but it does and I am glad it did this saved me money repurchasing this blush!


7 thoughts on “Broken makeup

  1. Now that’s clever πŸ™‚
    Nevertheless I’d really not gonna have to try. No alcohol in the house and it would be a bit over the top getting a bottle for some drops πŸ™‚

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  2. My highlighter broke last week and I used the alcohol trick too. I honestly haven’t seen it since I left it drying. I haven’t used it yet but it looks fine. I miss how beautiful it looked though lol.

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    1. Oh check it out let me know how it worked for your highlighter. I had such doubts that it would jeopardize the product and pigmentation so I am just interested if it works with different formulations.

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