Quo Eyeshadow Quad and Lipgloss

Hello everyone,

This quad and lip gloss is called Punk Chic Neutrals. I found this at the drugstore, I have never tried anything from Quo in the past and I was hesitant to pick this up. In fact I put it down and walked away, it wasn’t until the next day I found myself in the same store and just had to have it. I am so loving the little case that it is in! It was in the clearance bin and I figured if the makeup sucked at least I would have this really cute tin to put stuff into.


I mean just look at it! There were two different palettes I only picked up one of them because the other was no where near the colours that I am comfortable using. These ones look closer to what I am used to using. Though I am never really a big fan of a nude lip or lip glosses this one seems like it would be okay. After trying the shadows out once I realized I may have just bought the case after all

The product swatches pretty good using my finger but when I dip my brush in it just seems to crumble away in a chalky like consistency. The colours just end up looking too dark on the skin and not as pigmented as I would like. The first time I put it on I ended up wiping it off as it looked like I had a black eye. I used a different brush one that picks up less product and I was still not satisfied with the look. There are just far better products out there to waste my time working on these. They didn’t blend very well at all and there was lots of fallout. I applied without a primer and you could barely see it, with a primer it showed up but the colours just looked blotchy and as I mentioned before looked like a bruise on my face and that isn’t cute


The lip gloss has a chocolatey smell in a fake plastic lip glossy kind of way. I don’t hate it, it’s not sticky like a lot of lip glosses out there but I am just not comfortable in gloss. I prefer a creamy lipstick any day. If the shade was a berry colour I would probably be loving it more but the colour disappears on my lips. I am going to try it layered on my lipstick to see if it wears better that way. Cute case aside Quo has not made a very good first impression for me, I am giving this a 2/5 if it didn’t have a cute case it would be only a 1/5 because the lip gloss is okay.


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