NOTW – Marble

Hello everyone,

I have been seeing this nail art design everywhere. I think it is just so pretty and can be flattering in a wide array of colours. I choose a couple of my newest polishes one of which I have used fairly recently you can see it here in “something blue”


For this nail look I used my Poshe Base coat I am still loving that base coat it is still a favourtie! Next I used OPI Rish Girls and Po Boys. I used OPI’s Show Us Your Tips both from OPI spring launch New Orleans. Show Us Your Tips is just a translucent shimmer with a hint of a deeper blue. It just gave the shimmery effect to the base of my marble design. Next I used Sally Hansen’s  Ivory Skull, I just dotted on a bit of Ivory Skull onto the nails and quickly smeared it using plastic wrap to get the marbling effect. Next, and I’ve had this in my nail collection for a long time and never used it, Ink in Beige Pearl, this polish has a long striping brush and is deigned especially for nail art designs. I just never liked it with any of the colours I used in the past but I think the copper tone looks really flattering with this nail design.

This is a really easy nail art design to recreate and it has received a lot of attention on my nails. I like this one because it is unique from nail to nail and the less uniformed the design the better, so if you are a beginner to nail art this one is really easy I suggest giving it a try! I love the look of the bold white on top of shimmer and with the shimmer copper contrast really well and looks so pretty. Experiment with different colours and try this out if you do let me know how it works or share it with me!

I have totally forgot that I needed top coat due to the sticky stringy issue I started having with Sally Hansen’s Gel top coat. If you have a suggestion for a good top coat please let me know in the comments and I will try to find it.

Thanks for stopping by,


15 thoughts on “NOTW – Marble

      1. You are not far from British Columbia and it is magnificent there. There is a reason it says “Beautiful British Columbia” on the license plates. There is beautiful lakes, orchards vineyards, mountains and so much more. The Island is the most beautiful and romantic place I have ever seen. Though I haven’t really traveled enough to vastly compare.

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      2. Absolutely, I am hoping on my next big adventure I go out east. I haven’t been to the east coast yet but from what I have seen it looks amazing. My family has a lot of history on the East coast so it is about time this lady went out there!

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      3. In that case you should absolutely visit Vancouver Island you will love it they do a bunch a wonderful tourist things during the summer months. I went to school out there and I miss it.

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