Time & Again lotions

Hello everyone,

This is a funny little product, Time and Again Hand Lotions. I found it during my travels and picked it up mostly because it says it was made in Canada and you know how I feel about supporting my local businesses and prefer to buy local. I looked this stuff up and couldn’t really find any information for it online I thought that was a little strange! I talked about a candle from Time and Again and I just absolutely love it so I had some fair expectations going in.

I picked up both fragrances that were available and I have been trying them out for the past few week. I do have to say I like one more than the other as far as scent goes. The Vanilla is just not my favourite I had it on my hands while i was eating and it was literally making me feel sick so there is something about the vanilla scent that just does not work for me it’s not super gross but it’s not like true to the vanilla fragrance. The Country Apple smells so much better it smells fresh on the skin and isn’t terrible.

The lotions are made with Shea butter so they are really creamy going on the skin and you need to work it in a bit. I appreciate that is doesn’t leave the skin greasy and it does absorb onto the skin nicely. The Shea butter makes it really moisturizing really nourishing. It’s Paraben free, synthetic dye free and made with love as stated on the packaging. I have been using this product daily I will most likely give away the Vanilla I just am not a fan of that scent. I am not totally in love with the product but I don’t hate it either unless it is vanilla so it gets a 3/5 for me.

** Update here before this gets posted, I actually discovered Time & Again is going to be discontinued you still may find some retailers with product left but don’t get you hopes up of trying these products.**


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