Facial Mask and Face Routine

Hello everyone,

I really don’t have an extensive routine here and I only do these face mask a couple times a month. Maybe I should up my game here a bit more but most nights this is my basic routine. I start off with removing all of my makeup using Max Effects and some cosmetic pads. This is one of my absolute favourite makeup removers and I have discovered this from a “try me” I loved the product so much I ran out and got the full size and even put it in a favourites post. I put the cosmetic pads into a mason jar just so they stayed clean and dry and it looks prettier than a floppy plastic tubular bag what do you think? Next I use Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser this is a really gentle cleanser and makes the skin feel really clean and refreshed without stripping the skin like some foaming cleansers tend to do. I also had this in a favourites post and I am still loving it. A recent thing I have been doing is using this Aloe Spray as a toner. Surprisingly it works really well as it is so refreshing and feels amazing on the skin. It is not quite the same as a toner but I love what it is doing I feel like my skin is healthier more subtle and even firmer after using aloe spray. This spray does not dry down sticky like some aloe products do, it is just so refreshing and I am loving it. The aloe spray was also in a favourites post though at the time I was using it for something completely different so I just want to share I have found another use for it. Next is a new product I have been using and I featured it on a favourites post as well seeing a trend here yet? This face cream is so wonderful and easy to wear I have been using it every day since I got it! This is my basic every day routine at the moment. I do this routine at night, my morning routine is a little different I cleanse with Cerave and I even tried the Aloe spray under makeup kind of as a primer and I think that was really nice I just keep finding new uses for it and using aloe on a regular basis is my new favourite thing to do. I have not tried the face cream under makeup yet but I do intend to try.


Okay with the regular everyday nightly face care routine out of the way I will now share the fun face mask part of my routine. I do not do face masks all the time probably average one or two a month. I intend to do them more often but that doesn’t happen.


I first removed all makeup using Max Effects and cleansed the face with Cerave I used this Apricot Scrub mask from Montagne Jennesse. I love these masks, this time which is odd for me I do not usually go for scrubs masks or mud masks I like the peeling ones generally but I gave it a go. I did use a little bit of my Calendula face cream from Glacier under the eyes after the mask just to ensure it didn’t dry out or irritate that sensitive under eye area.



Just for fun I am sharing the mask on my face above is the before picture I applied the mask all over the skin in a gentle massaging circular motion in a nice even layer avoiding the eye area. I did get some in the hairs of my eyebrow which was lots of fun but oh well. I thought I would make a funny mask face for you, it is silly I always feel like someone is going to see me with the mask face and get scared or someone will knock on the door right after applying. The mask instructs that you wait with the scrub on for 5-10 minutes so I went and watched some youtube videos and got carried away I think it sat on the face much longer than that!


The above photo was taken after the wait time my face is not moving the mask is fully dried and in some places cracking. With a mask like this I found it easier to completely wash off in the shower. Applying a small amount of water and gently massaging it into the skin and washing it all away.

This was a really nice scrub, I appreciated that it didn’t feel really abrasive as some scrubs are, yet still really exfoliating. Left my skin feeling very fresh and smooth I love the results I will try this one again and perhaps be more likely to try other scrubs from the line as this one was so nice.

If you have a favourite face mask you like let me know if I can find it I will try it out.

Thanks for reading,


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