Hello everyone,

One of the goals I had set out this year was “to be a better friend”. That is so much harder than I made it out to seem and is one of the goals I am struggling the most with. I am just finding that in this highly social by media world we live in it is harder to have actual contact with people. I want to say that social medias have made me closer to my friends but, I am feeling like it distances me further. I have never felt so lonely in all my life when I go on social media and see friends I have lost touch with.

I feel like when I was in culinary school and working two jobs I had more social interaction and far less time on my hands. Now I have one job and numerous hobbies yet no time for friends? What changed? Social media was introduced, and it made us lazy. We do not have to make the same effort to fortify friendships, a simple text or like on a text will suffice. As much as I love my friends, even though we may not see each other in awhile, when we do get together can get on like no time has past but seriously, I miss you guys! I miss seeing your face and hearing you laugh.

I don’t want to sit here and completely bash on social medias as I sit in front of a laptop writing stories and thoughts to my friends I have met only on social medias, specifically this platform. This digital world we entered has lots of perks and has in fact made our lives easier, but at what cost? Since I acquired this laptop I have deleted all apps from my phone that may distract me in my everyday life and that may distract me from enjoying the world around me. Since I pulled the phone away from my face I see just how consuming it can be in the individuals around me. While I was on vacation, countless times someone walked right into me because they had their face so pressed into their phones. Meanwhile I was taking in the scenery and basically just enjoying life. I did some people watching and noticed this glued vacant cell phone look on faces all around me. Couples at nearby tables cell phones in hand or beside them, not talking with each other. I went to a show while vacationing and saw people on their cell phones not enjoying what they came all the way out to see. I also attended a concert recently and I felt my experience was lessened by the dim glow of cell phone screens all around me. In a dark theater your brightly lit screen is drawing my attention and your missing a wonderful performance, what could be so urgent on your social media that it couldn’t wait for the end of the show?

It is so important to make friendships when we are younger and actually hold onto those worthwhile friendships. It just gets harder and harder to make new friends as we get older. Often, and this is based solely on my experiences so this may not be true for everyone but the friendships I made as an adult were far less likely to last or be significant. Though with that being said I have also made some amazing friends over the years and I am so grateful for that. I guess I grew up watching too much “Sex in the City” and am envious of having just 3 great girlfriends to call on. That is not really the way though my best buddies live miles and miles away from me. All in different cites and some in other provinces even. Once in awhile we might like each others post and have a get together one on one like once a year or less. I would rather we were not so far, or we talked like actually talked on the phone not through text or an emoji. Though that is easier said than done. It bothers me so much when I call someone only to receive a text back “what’s up?” oh nothing just missed you and wanted to talk to hear your voice!

I will keep trying to be a better friend I won’t let this get me down. In fact I am going to call a few friends right now just to say hi because memories aren’t made from an emoji or a text but from actual experiences! Put down your friggin’ device call you friends and or family and go make some memories! If your one of my buddies reading this, I want to make memories with you and I love your faces and your voices!


6 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. I think we some of us have isolated into the world of tech, texting, chatting, we hardly need ever speak to anyone in person. It is easy that way but not good. I enjoyed your article. ❤

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, I’ve been wanting to being it up for awhile I feel the younger generation is mist affected but even for those of the previous gen are still getting caught up in it and losing valuable relationships.

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