July 2016 Favourites

Hello everyone,

July has been a wild month for rainstorms, Thunder, lightning, and hail in nearby areas. It rained heavily for an entire weekend. I had fun outdoor plans that got cancelled and we had to have a date night in! We did have a lot of really great dates this month. One of my favourite places is Thai Tai they have a great sub there I love it so much. They opened up a location near me and we have already been twice since it recently opened! I went dress shopping, maybe for a new OOTD post, eh? with my buddy and we had a fabulous sushi dinner so yummy! Not a thing I get much of because the honey is not huge on sushi so it was a real nice treat!

I am like super inspired, I have so many ideas and projects I want to work on I can barely keep up! A good note this month is I got back into my fitness routine. I had honestly been slacking a little bit for no good reason but this month I have been getting back out there. My silly new to me bike I got this month hasn’t even been used yet! Like I said the weather has been so wet and stormy biking just wasn’t an option for me. I have been snapping so many pictures with my new camera, I am so excited to share with all of you. I have been spending so much time with the camera I feel like I am  not keeping up on the writing part of the photo taking! Some photos for posts you will see for the next couple weeks may have a few posts using the old photo taking device because yes I do schedule posts to publish and that is why they are usually at the same time everyday. Do any of you do that schedule posts in advance? I love that feature than I don’t feel pressured to get my post out before the deadline. Kinda like I am with this post as I really have been working on it all month but I actually just sat down to type it all up and edit and everything only days before the deadline!

Onto Monthly Favourites featuring the Favourites for the month of July

Nature’s Aid Lip Balm in Strawberry Vanilla

I found this in an old purse I haven’t used in months. When I got this I actually got too the other was a maple flavour that I am not finding right now funny enough. Anyway the Maple was feature in January 2016’s Favourites. I even mention that I can’t find the other unopened flavour somewhere. I really am loving them both they feel amazing on the lips so moisturizing and the scent is really pleasant and true to it’s fragrance. These are all Natural Lip Balms and Proudly Canadian.

Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel

I loved the sample I got from this when I got from the The Brush Cleansing Palette, I featured this product on a how to clean your makeup brushes post. I went out and got the the full size bottle. This i a great cleanser and works really well at cleaning makeup brushes! Best part I have been doing a way better job at keeping my brushes clean with this system it really helped me.

The Metropolitan Tea Company in Strawberry Kiwi

Wow this loose tea in incredible! It tastes like candy actually and I have been enjoying this sweet treat warm and also cold! It makes a really wonderful cold tea! This is a Canadian based company as well that imports herbs and spices from all over the world to combine some of the most satisfying flavours! I picked this up in Red Deer Alberta. Next time I am inU that area, I must go back! There is literally a tea bar that you can choose from there were so many I wanted to try. If you find yourself here make sure you also go across the street and get a gourmet doughnut from the Doughnut shop too.

Glacier Face Cream for Sensitive Skin

As the package states this is an Ultra Moisturizing Calendula Cream. I have been incorporating this to my nightly routine and so far I am loving it! It is actually scent free and all natural. It is a bit thick but smooths out nicely on the skin a little bit can go a long way. I have combination skin so I have been focusing this product on the dryer areas of my skin like my forehead, nose, and chest. I’m guessing because of the sun, sunblock, and sweat these areas are dying out faster than others. Also I gently patted it in my under eye area. Another proudly Canadian product.

Glacier Calendula Cream for Sensitive skin

I know some people in my life that suffer from skin sensitivities and dry skin and I am happy that I have found a product I can recommend to these people. It truly is so gentle and makes skin feel amazing! This stuff is a bit thick and you have to work it in really good. I have mostly been using this product to massage my feet with. I love thicker lotions like this for foot massages and yes I do those regularly ever since the injury I have been super focused on pampering those feet!

RenPur Originals Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

As you my already now I have struggled in the past with my hair, with pigment deficiency, excessive colouring damage, and psoriasis of the scalp. Now that I have healthy hair again I want to keep it that way and this is a really nice product. It hasn’t upset my scalp so far and that is always a win. It smells great but not in an overpowering too purfumy for hair cleansing. The very first time I used it my work associate asked me what I did differently my hair looked so good! I only wore it down that day naturally and didn’t style it all. My hair I not usually touchable soft due to the thick and coarse nature of my hair but with this the hair does feel a lot softer afterwards and the feeling lasts it is not a oh it’s finally fully dry and feels rough all of a sudden.

Foster Grant Sunglasses

The fun shades are Foster Grant from a previous season, I looked up the website but could not find the same pair but they were rather affordable at $14.99. I love these cute and fun sunnies and the colours just make me think summer so these have been my go to pair all month long.

I celebrated a birthday this month and got super spoiled! The rose petals you see are from a beautiful bouquet one of my dearest friends sent to me. I worked on my birthday and these were delivered to me while on shift it was pretty thoughtful and generous of my friend. My baby brother cooked me a fabulous steak dinner someone has been teaching that boy some cooking skills! My spouse got me a new Camera and I love the results. I have taken a ridiculous amount of photos this month I have been spending a ton of time edited and learning more about photography. If any of you know a good read or video or any helpful photography stuff I would love to learn more from you! Leave your links in my comments! I also got a pair of beautiful earrings from another friend of mine from a local designer. I am planning on doing an outfit of the day to feature those little ems off so stay tuned in to that!


July’s 2016 Copy Of Canadian Living with one of my first Garden Harvests! That makes A July Favourite right there. I love the cover photo of the maple leaf pie oh my that looks incredible and I want pie! This is one of my favourite magazines I love still getting my magazines in print I know not everyone does anymore but I always get so excited the day when my new issue arrives! Sometimes being a part of the America’s you see and hear so much of what is happening in the United States that it is important to me to go out of my way for Canadian literature. Mostly for the reasons that not the same places or products are available so a lot is just not relevant to me.

This month I achieved 500 followers that is amazing! I am so proud of myself and this little piece of the internet. I do put in a lot of work and hours into the content for JALWAB and I am so humbled by the positive feedback I receive here and all the wonderful writers and friends I have met. Becoming a better blogger was on my list of goals for 2016 and I am thinking with this achievement I can feel confident to check that off, than re-write it in. Though I will continue to grow and produce content that keeps you all coming back I am so blessed. Thank you all for supporting me here on JALWAB!

My most viewed and liked post for this month was Oven Baked Garlic Wings with Buffalo Sauce. That is seriously one of my favourite recipes and every time I make them usually for a party, people always rave about them and ask me to make them for next time. They truly are a favourite recipe and I am so glad you all enjoyed that too, question who has tried them out yet? I remember I was trying a new way to share a recipe in this post and it seemed a lot of you really like that style. I know now to include step by step photos for recipes to my future Cook With Me posts.

I am going to bring up politics a little bit here. I found this video and thought it was just so funny I laughed and just really enjoyed it. Know that by me posting this I mean no disrespect to anyone and I do not intend to upset you especially my friends from the USA. I have only been following along quietly and not really extensively to the US elections but the whole thing is terrifying and unsettling to me. Having this comic relief is just what I needed to help deal. I use comedy often as a coping mechanism when I am not sure how to feel.

Now onto some of what I have been watching. I don’t actually have cable or pay for a cable box I mostly watch netflix, movies and youtube so sometimes that makes me out of loop but wow, that is an expensive luxury that I end up wasting. I don’t spend enough time watching TV to make that expense worth it to me. I’ll start here with my Favourite Netflix show.


I actually did watch a movie this month. My spouse’s pick if it is not terribly obvious. I actually did get a laugh and most comedies just go right past me but this was enjoyable and did have a quirky heartwarming friendship story.


Favourite new music this month Whether it is my cleaning jams, getting ready for work, or Pilates I listen to music I spend the better part of my time listening to music and these are the songs that peaked my interest the most this month!

Maddies and Tae “Sierra” I know this one is not new but they recently posted it on their youtube channel and it came up in my feed. This song was in perfect timing for me when I was preparing the very difficult post I published this month. An Open Letter. That was not an easy thing but in the end I have to protect myself first and sometimes that means removing toxic people from your life.

New Korn I used to love these guys when I was in High school I even went to a concert of theirs and it was an incredible show! I am loving their new material!

Five Finger Death Punch “I Apologize” again this guys deliver and I am a true fan of this band!

This woman and this band blows me away all the time. The videos and their sound .. I sit in awe of the amazing talent!

Now onto some of my favourite Makeup Youtubers, I think I identify with them most because I feel I have a similar skin tone and closer to my age group as far as tube makeup youtubers go. I do enjoy following youtube so if you know someone you think I would be interested in let me know or take this opportunity to share your channel in my comments!

I love the ideas of the singles cruise I don’t have enough singles to do a post like this shesh, I couldn’t imagine, that is a makeup stash for sure but I love the idea! So awesome! If you have a singles stash I encourage you to try a singles cruise it looks so exciting and forces you to tap into your creativity!

The next video is from one another of my favourite beauty Youtubers, I watch her videos the most, she is the self proclaimed “Makeup Investigator”. If Tati says its a good product I am more likely to go ahead and try it out I trust her opinions. This is a very detailed makeup tutorial and I appreciate the techniques she is showing great tips here!

The next video is one of my favourite nail art Youtubers, I have featured her on here before and have recreated a couple of the looks she has created on Nails of the Week! I have not jumped on the Pokemon Go Phenomenon yet I don’t know if I will. I try to keep my phone free from distracting apps so I can be in the moment more and this seems really time consuming. My spouse recently downloaded it an found some Pokemon’s to close to home, crazy right?! Okay can I  see a Pokemon searching date in our future. I don’t know! I love the method she uses in this video to get her design, that is game changing and I really want to try that! I wonder if that old printer I got still works and if I can even get ink for it still. Oh the possibilities!

I write content for you so if there is something you want to see more of lease let me know either by voting on my poll located on the sidebar, or leaving a suggestion in the comments. I love reading your feedback it is one of the highlights of my day!

I love these kinds of posts, a run down of highlights for the month. It’s so exciting to see what everyone has been enjoying!

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to leave me a comment or check out the links provided in the bold red print. All these opinions are mine and I am not sponsored in any way though that may be an interest in the future? Tell me friends if you have had an experience with sponsors and promoting companies and how that went for you I am curious.


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