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Welcome back to What’s your Poison? I have been meaning to do more of these turns out I am not much of a drinker! Anyway I thought this one would be so much fun to do. My poison this month has been Ceasars! This drink was actually invented in Calgary Alberta by Walter Chell in 1969. I think that is just so awesome. My friends from the USA have a similar drink they call Bloody Mary. The Ceasar differs from the bloody Mary in that it using clam broth and has a unique spice to it. Over the years I have seen many variations of this recipe with things such as bacon and extra spice just endless Ceasar recreations I could go on, but I’ll stop here and get to the recipe part.


For my Variation of the Ceasar I grabbed a pre-flavoured Clam and Tomato juice called “the works”. Typically for this recipe you would just get Clamato juice and add Worcestershire and Tabasco. The Works seemed to have a good flavour, though I think next time I will opt for a spicy flavour. Also typically this drink is served with a lime wedge I used lemon as that’s what I had on hand.


After cutting the lemon in wedges make a slit down the middle so it can sit on the edge of the glass. Run the lemon along the edge all the way around. Immediately dip the lemon rimmed glass into a Rimmer of Celery Salt. I didn’t have a Rimmer so I am using my plate. Add Ice  I used lemon infused Ice and pour one shot of vodka fill the remaining glass with the Clam Tomato juice of your juice If you use plain you will require a dash of Worcestershire and a dash of Tabasco or just get a flavour like myself. Typically this drink is also served with a celery garnish but I am not the biggest fan of the raw fibrous vegetable so I opted for a pickled asparagus garnish. You can also use a piece of jerky, bacon, pickles even olives. This drink pairs well with anything really salty, or pickled like that. I think it pairs really well with Oysters if your into that give it a whirl it is truly delicious!


This is a very tasty beverage and also referred to as “a meal”. Have you ever tried one of these drinks or a variation of it? Tell me about it in the comments. Is there a poison you would like to see? Share with me and I may just try it out! Anyway Have a save weekend everyone and if your looking for a meal of a drink remember the Ceasar!

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