Try Me – Part 4

Hello everyone,

I don’t know why I have a hard time with these try me posts. It’s like I somehow am not getting through the sample bag because the samples keep finding their way home with me almost as fast as I use them up. This one seems almost like a brand focus here as there are a few Cliniderm products to look at.

Cliniderm Rosacalm

The package states it will reduce the appearance of redness, for sensitive, allergic, reactive, or dry skin. Personally I do have combination skin so sometimes I find dry skin on my forehead. I did see some redness on my cheeks and around my nose so, I went for it and tried this out. The cream is really thick and a pale green in colour. It did immediately take away the redness I was seeing and is very moisturizing. It says to use 1-2 times a day, I tried it at night and I’m glad I did. It’s just a little bit greasy at first it does eventually dry down after several minutes and I do plan to try it under makeup. It is really gentle as it states. I’m going to keep using this and if it works under makeup I will absolutely purchase.

Eye contour cream

Here I am thinking I am still too young to be worried about eye creams but I guess this is about the age to start, so here it goes. This is probably my first go at an eye cream so I don’t really have a lot to compare too. This went on thick and let me tell you a little bit goes a really long ways. I gently patted this around the eye before bed it says to use 1 – 2 times a day but there is no way I could put this on wait for it to dry down and absorb put makeup on and be on time for work. It took it’s time on my skin for sure, again a little greasy but not a yucky get it off me kind of greasy if that makes sense. It is just really gentle and easy on the skin. Because I did use it at night and by that time my eyes did look tired and a little puffy but I don’t normally suffer from bad under eye bags. I did see results when I checked in on it about an hour after it had been on the skin about when it started to feel absorbed and dried down and I saw a noticeable difference. I am going to keep trying it and see how it goes maybe this is my foot in the door to anti-aging type products, oh my..

Cliniderm Soothing Cream

I am beginning to see a trend here, this product like the others comes out thick and feels a little greasy on the skin. I used this at night too and I’m glad, I don’t think I could handle being out there in the heat of this summer wearing this. I put it on areas of my skin that got a little bit too much sun and I thought they could do with some extra moisture. I would only use this at night and it may be something I put away until one of our dry winter seasons. The cream is really gentle and as long as you don’t mind the funny greasy like texture on your skin it does go away than go for it. I think it would be really nice for dry skin types and maybe that’s just why I felt that way wearing it, my skin isn’t particularly dry right now. Did do a great job of gently moisturizing my sunburn though, my skin was so soft after!

Lollia Breathe

I love this scent but like some of the other scented creams I talked about on here the fragrance just smells better before it hits the skin, so if your going to splurge on these fragrances grab the actual perfume and not the lotion. It’s a very floral scent with peony and white lily. It’s so feminine and sweet it really is a pleasant smell and I would absolutely purchase this.

Motion Medicine

I love this so far I threw it in this try me as an after thought because I did pull my shoulder a bit,I remembered I had this little gem hiding in the sample bag! It is like wow in a tube and really helped give my sore shoulder some relief. I will absolutely purchase!


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