Monday Motivation – Call Me

Hello everyone,

I don’t know why maybe it is just me but something abut seeing a payphone in the woods it’s just hilarious. I love this so much it is my favourite and yes it works because your cell phone has no service out here by the way. It’s a nice feature in this very family friendly campsite it is so beautiful out here but yes we are in fact in bear and cougar territory so whether your camping, hiking, fishing or trying to call me be travel safe my friends!

Crimson Lake Provincial Park Alberta, Canada


13 thoughts on “Monday Motivation – Call Me

    1. Yes, I took this on a camping trip. It was a very family friendly glamping location. There is no actual cell service and this is located near a bathroom. Behind me in the photo us a parking lot in front of the shower facilities.

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    1. That’s crazy years!? There is literally one half a block from my place of employment at the gas station! Admittedly they are not around as much as they used to though. I am glad to show you one in it’s natural habitat before we had cellphones, thumbs and dwellings.


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