NOTW – Here’s a Tip

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to this week’s nails of the week feature. Now that I have given my nails a good rest as I mentioned in last weeks post it is time to get polished! I know it is so healthy for us to take the time to let our nails rest but it just looks so strange to me to look down and see naked nails. I always feel so good after a manicure such a mood elevator like the first sniff of coffee in the morning.


For this manicure I started out with OPI’s “I Eat Mainely Lobster” from the fall 2011 collection. I topped it with Revlon’s Transforming Effects “Pink Glaze” I believe these launched winter 2015 I have about 3 out of the 7 transforming effects and I love them all, I am wishing I would have grabbed them all but oh well. This one gives a translucent pink sheen and under different lighting you can see shimmery golds, it pairs nice with the coral pink. For the tips I used OPI “Worth a Pretty Penne” from the Venice Collection 2015. I think OPI has some great names for polish I always get a laugh and have actually bought polish based on it’s name and not the colour. I guess that’s how I get so many similar shades. I am loving the shimmery manicure this week and the colours are so much fun!

It’s about time this girl got some new top coat. As you may know if you follow NOTW I have been using Sally Hansen’s Gel top coat. It works great and my manicure lasts so long even though I am sometimes harsh to my hands working and all. I did notice though, now that I am almost done the bottle which you would never know by looking as the bottle is black and you can’t see into it, the polish itself starts to get thicker and the last time I used it polish strings formed as the brush left the bottle. I feel like I am not explaining this well, after picking product up using the brush applicator the product stuck to the sides of the bottle top and stayed connected to the brush, as I pulled the brush away it formed thin almost hair like strands. It’s as though the polish was drying into gel form before it even made it onto the nails. What a sticky mess! Have you seen that happening from using gel polish? Let me know your gel polish stories below and if you have had this happen to you let me know. Until next week stay polished friends!

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