Happy Hippo Shower Spritzers

Hello everyone,

I am really exciting about these I think they are so neat. These Happy Hippo Shower Spritzers are handmade in Canada from Sylvan Lake Alberta. You may know already I love buying local and these are coming right out of my home province so I am pleased to share these with you and proud to share as well. There are 10 aromas to choose from. I have not tried all of them yet the one I am trying now is not actually in the feature photo as I took it out already and have it in my shower.

The one I am trying is called Peaceful. It smells like ocean breeze and is really quite soothing light scent and not overpowering. Lots of times with products like these I find they are just so heavy on the essential oils that I am unable to enjoy them and just end up gagging,  these so far are really quite pleasant.

The package says to “place in the corner of your shower floor (not under direct water)” I decided not to do that as I normally take baths at night as my sleepy night time routine, so I opened it out of the package and stuck it in a soap dish. The steamy water still activates it and keeps it mostly dry. This method I think well have it lasting a long time as it dissolves as soon as it gets wet. That is nice since it is 3.99 (CAD) so your money can stretch. I am not sure how long it will last as I am just in the process of trying it out now.

The other Spritzers I got are Happiness a cranberry lemon scent, Rise and Shine an orange citrus scent, In The Mood a vanilla sandalwood scent and Goodnight Sleep a ginger and grapefruit scent.

I am excited to try the other scents and am more likely to try more from this line. I have stayed away in the past because of the whole overpowering essential oil bath product thing but these are pleasantly scented and so far I am loving them!


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