Jergens Natural Glow

Hello everyone,

I am having a love hate with this product.I picked it up especially for my legs mostly because as much as I try to protect my skin from the suns harmful rays I have developed a bit of a tan on my upper half and my legs look like they belong to someone else. So I picked this up as I have heard many saying how great this product is.

I am not much for self tanning it seems like too much work for me and I would rather not the hassle who has time for that am I right!? Anyway I thought a nice lotion at bed time or whatever and see a gradual result. I did get the result I was wanting and the product was able to flatter my natural skin tone and match the tan I had developed in the three days like it says! I am not too big on the smell but by the time I woke up in the morning it had faded away. The texture is less than to be desired but not the worst thing I ever tried. Seriously saw results my legs did match the rest of me and I was able to get a really even colour. Except my feet which didn’t blend as well and kind of looked like I had some dirty feet.

My biggest problem with this stuff is the way it made my skin feel. I had recently removed hair from my legs so I though at first it was just an irritation from that but it happened every time I put it on. I mean come on there is something in here that is literally colouring your skin so it can’t be good for you and that uncomfortable irritating feeling is enough for me to ditch the product. I don’t need the colour of my legs to match that badly. I don’t normally have sensitivities to things but this certainly wasn’t pleasant. Though the feeling was only temporary it was enough turn me off of it. I will give this product away to one of my friends probably because it does work and it did look really good it may not bother everyone but it isn’t for me.


8 thoughts on “Jergens Natural Glow

    1. If you have sensitive skin I doubt this well be good for your. The colour lasted on my legs for several days. I only had a mild irritation initially putting it on but I can see how this may be bothersome to most.


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