Hello everyone,

Summer is here and in addition to switching our beauty regime, turning over the wardrobe, applying sunscreen, and all that is protecting our eyes from the harmful rays. It is so important for our eye health to shade hem away from the sun. I personally wear sunglasses all year long I feel I need just as much protection when the sun’s rays are bouncing off the snow as well. Wearing hats is great to to help protect and help prevent heatstroke in the summer. I love Sunglasses if you can imagine from my feature photo here.

I gathered up some of my sunglasses and realized I have far too many, considering I didn’t even find them all when I took this photo and I have acquired new ones since. I like to have them match my outfit, I cant help myself. When I buy a new outfit, I like to buy new accessories for it too, sunglasses are pretty much always on that list. Personally I don’t spend a lot of money on my sunglasses because I tend to break or lose them so no high end sunglasses brands here. Actually I lied the purple in the top left corner is a pair of Ray Ban but that is as fancy as it gets here folks.

Whether or not you have an expensive or high end pair of sunglasses or a pair of affordable ones you want to protect them and keep them looking their best. I’ve come up with a few helpful tips to get your sunnies and you looking your best!


I see people doing this one wrong all the time. When the shades are dirty many use their breath and t shirt to clean them up this is a big no no. Using your breath is really just smearing dirt around on it and the shirt or paper product can scratch the lens. Keep a microfiber lint free cloth with you for quick touch ups. The best way to clean the glasses is with soap and water, something without lotions or heavy scents something like dawn dish soap. wash gently and dry with the microfiber lint free cloth.


If your anything like me your going to break a few pairs of sunglasses in your life. However some repairs can be done at home with a small glasses repair kit. The glasses have small screws that can come loose with regular wear improper storage or from the oils from our face. Take the time to make sure all your screws are tightened and this will prevent you from losing them and dealing with that nightmare! Depending on your sunglasses you have nose pads that need to be replaced you can usually purchase new ones if you need and there is a few different kinds. Some slide in some snap in some screw in, make sure you get the right kind for your sunglasses. Test if your sunglasses are still straight by laying the upside down resting on the top of the lens and the arms. If it is not laying flat you may need to adjust. If you have have an expensive pair I suggest taking them into get fixed.


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