Gardening update

Hello everyone,

I haven’t really given much thought to the garden because of my Root Aphid nightmare going on indoors. I lazily tossed a few seeds outside and I did pick up these flowers shown in my feature photo and a couple tomato plants because they were inexpensive and I was sad about my Tomato fail.

I watered the seeds a couple times but didn’t thin them out or weed them or do anything at all. I may have lost a little enthusiasm here but I haven’t let the Root Aphids completely crush my gardening love, yet. Anyway, I really didn’t spend a lot of money most of the seeds I had from last year except the tomato and basil seeds I got and the Flower seeds.


In the top corner next to the bike and railing are peas only 4 of the 8 I planted in there came up but still pretty cool I have them next to the rail so if they are wanting to climb they can. I am not spending money on a fancy trellis my luck a root aphid well just come by and enjoy the all you can eat buffet eating the plant from the roots up.

In the bottom right I have Spinach I am surprised it has not bolted yet as it has been really hot weather around here.


The top of this  photo is lettuce, it is out of control I clearly put down too many seeds in every one of these containers but I really didn’t put a lot of effort into it like I mentioned. I really should thin this down but I am not interested in spending too much time on it I’m just going to let it go wild.

The bottom right is dill it did really well for me last year so I am actually using the seeds from last years harvest so that is really cool. I am happy with the way it is sprouting up, again could probably use a good thinning but it won’t get it. Unless you want to come over and do it for me. I’ll pay you in lettuce.


The bottom right is one of the seed packs of wild flowers a random mix of a bunch of things, I’m not sure what anything is yet. It’s surprise gardening in that container.

The top of this picture is my cinnamon basil I had this last year too, it was amazing. I just loved it so much I hope it does well so I can have some more, this is already attempt two of basil seeds this year so again my enthusiasm is a little low here.

The two round pots are from the flower seed post again these are Cupids Darts I think if they go they will be really pretty, pray root aphids don’t get them. This is really a test too, to see if the root aphids came in from the soil or if it was a plant I just really need to know. I might never know the answer but if the outside plants are free from root aphids than they must have come from a store bought plant.


The container at the top of this photo is supposed to be Lemon Basil but I have yet to see any sprouts, I am not sure what happened there maybe they are still germinating or I don’t know maybe, you guessed it, a root aphid got it.

The two round pots are from the flower seed post again these are the Asters I probably have too many in a pot again but meh what can you do? Thin them out that’s what you crazy lady!


At the top of the photo I have the sweet basil starting to sprout. Beneath it two different types of Tomato Plants, and in the middle there the other packet of wildflower surprise.

I keep that container out there full of water for the cats to drink out of but I have seen some sparrows hanging out on my balcony around it. I’ve thought of getting them a feeder but I don’t know if that would be a good idea I might just be setting a bait trap for a kitty snack. What do you think?

Have you started your outdoor garden? What are you growing? Do you plant from seed or buy from a nursery?

I’ll absolutely keep you updated on the garden hopefully it will go uninfected by root aphids or even their friendly cousin the aphid that lives above soil.


5 thoughts on “Gardening update

  1. Gardening is not for the weak of heart. I don’t have a garden but I have indoor plants. One of my plants got some type of disease and it spread to another plant and killed them both.

    I had a philodendron that went wild on me so I cut a few vines and put them and water then I repotted the original plant. The plant in the new pot got limp and lifeless looking. I could not figure out why it was doing so bad. It wound up dying. I have the cuttings so as they grow roots I will pot them and try again. Good luck with your garden!


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    1. I know me too especially with the whole infestation indoors I just carelessly planted seeds and woohoo they grew! Herbs are a nice one to start because they can do fairly well indoors as well it teaches you to prune, harvest and nurture plus you get to eat it! If you like basil it is a good one. I am thinking of growing some indoors to have all year as soon as I rid myself of root aphids.

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