Cleaning Makeup Brushes

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I hate to admit this but I am not the best for taking care of my makeup brushes. I just am not a fan of cleaning them off it is such a chore. I have honestly gone out and bought a new brush just so that I can avoid that cleaning chore a little longer. I know that’s bad right? It actually only makes things worse for me because when I finally do get around to brush cleaning I have more to do. Anyway I did pick up some new brushes thinking yay I don’t have to clean again then I saw this little brush cleaner thing from Real Techniques. I am hoping this thing will make it easier and hopefully less of a chore to get this job done after all I’m going to go broke buying makeup brushes if I don’t get to cleaning.

The Brush Cleansing Palette slips onto the hand as shown and came with two little samples of the Brush Cleansing Gel. I did bring out another Brush cleanser by MAC so I can test it out with this cleansing Palette.


This is by far one of my dirtiest brushes it is a foundation brush and it has always been a nightmare to clean. It did take the longest out of all the brushes but it came really clean! I am so happy with the results.


Just look how clean it came and yes this is also a Real Techniques brush.


This is my Eco Tools blush brush. I love it so much it is so incredibly soft and easy to blend with it’s my favorite one. Here I am using the MAC cleanser and I am struggling to get clean results. I rinsed it off and used the Real Techniques gel to finish the job.


The biggest difference between the cleanser’s is the way in which they produce suds, the MAC one barely creates any and if you know anything about me you know I like a good lather to my cleaning products so I am thrilled with the gel! I am using My Brush Set brushes here, I am not the biggest fan of these but they are pretty and came in a pretty case. I use a couple of them but most are of no use to me I’m just not loving the poor quality.


I should have realized this going in but don’t use your sponges on the palette it will shred them. Obviously, this lady clearly wasn’t thinking when she thought it would be a good idea to use a sponge on it.

Honestly the easiest way I think for me to clean my sponge is just with a bar soap and warm water forget all the fancy makeup sponge cleaning devices. Again this is Real Techniques I am really loving their brushes and sponges, have been for awhile. I like that they are affordable and easy to use. I don’t have a lot of stores to choose from in the small area I live in so unless I travel to a large city I don’t have access to Sephora and I am not into online shopping too much, so when my local drug store brought in this line I was thrilled. Eco Tools are also real nice cruelty free brushes that are so soft and beautiful with I believe Bamboo handles. The My Brush Set brushes were a gift from a friend of mine who is not as big of a makeup enthusiast as me and re gifted it. I was happy it looked so pretty and I at least get use out of it.


After cleaning the brushes squeeze out the excess moisture and lay out to dry or use your brush case to suspend them upside down. By the Way the one sample was enough to all these makeup brushes, aside from the few I attempted to clean with the MAC product and the bar soap.


Just a closer look at my brush collection.


I love how clean everything looks.


Once everything is dry I put it in the pretty case that came with the My Brush Set


The Real Techniques brushes barely fit in the case and I have a couple smaller cases for travel. Honestly my brushes wont stay in here long they end up in a glass on the vanity before long but I wanted to show you them all put away nice. Looks like I can’t fit my new ones in here so I will probably replace the pink My Brush Set brushes with the new Technique brushes I bought.


Just a closer look at my new brushes I can’t wait to try them out!

I think with this Cleansing Palette I will take better care of my brushes and save money not buying new ones. I am really impressed with it and I will continue to use it. In fact I plan on buying the Cleansing Gel to it did a really good job cleaning and has a pleasant clean smell to it.

On the package of my Brush Cleansing Palette it mentions there is an online tutorial I found it and linked it here for you.


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19 thoughts on “Cleaning Makeup Brushes

      1. Yeah there are a few out there I’d like to get my hands on too. I don’t make it in to the big city much to hit up an actual Sephora or high end makeup supplier but I make do with what I can get my hands on.

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  1. Really want to try this tray! Also not sure if you know but with the MAC Brush Cleaner it doesn’t need to be used with water. Its a good brush cleaner for on the go as its quick and easy as well as fast drying! Dont want you to waste the brush cleanser šŸ™‚ x

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