NOTW – O Canada 149!

Hello everyone,

Hope you all had a safe weekend whether you were celebrating Canada Day or Independence Day, Happy celebrating! Yikes it is not easy to paint a maple leaf but I took a shot at it and I think it looks pretty cool! We had such an amazing weekend it was so much fun. I have featured here my sisters hand, modelling for Canada Day 149! We had a great time celebrating Canada, it was so nice to see everyone! Silly me though, I forgot to bring my base polish and top coat so there is that. I looked for nail decals of the flag and couldn’t find any anywhere! It was disappointing but I thought I would just give it a go and free hand the flag. Maybe I should practice a bit more so I will be super amazing Canadian flag nail art painter for next year!



11 thoughts on “NOTW – O Canada 149!

  1. If they let me in I am set to move there. The restrictions are crazy and the time and then you have to wait 6 years for citizenship for a country that is on the same continent. Ugh. I will try.


      1. Well years ago Penn and Teller said you are immediately covered by Insurance and get Unemployment, even if you never worked in Canada or worked enough in the states to warrant it. Then, although you have less strict gun control you have a lot less crime.


      2. Penn and Teller are awesome. I don’t know about all that though taxes are so dang high and with our economy the way it is right now even people who are being laid off are fighting to stay on UI. If you don’t mind me asking why do you want to move to Canada?

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      3. I have never been and except a couple of provinces that have a high smoking rate all I ever read or eard was how clean and gorgeous it is. Plus Being in NY by yourself is pretty much impossible to afford even a small place. Our gas prices, govt controlled went up to close to 6 dollars and like every election year it drops and it is around 2.30. I would have said horse racing as I know one of the top trainers in CA but that is when he is not pushing his barn all over the world and should just stay home. I used to bowl with him as a kid and he remembers me. I would think I could possibly get work from him.


      4. I haven’t been to the states enough to be able to compare either. Canada is a very large country and I haven’t even been all throughout it yet. I would have to agree Canada has stunning landscapes. I think Canada has just made it harder for Americans to enter so that we can take in refugees. That is kind of the thing around here, they well take in those most in need first and those that are highly skilled or already have jobs.


      5. Yes I read that you basically have to be in the equivalence of a bad sci fi movie saying you can do a job that no other American can do in order to get in. In Canada, it is not a good thing to take over a job that a Canadian may already has or one is waiting for.


      6. Recently I have also noticed you can be turned down for a job for being over qualified, it’s a tough economy right now everyone is getting laid off! Those with jobs are busting their butts to keep it and are lucky the layoff sweep hasn’t affected them. As the Canadian Dollar drops the cost of good and services rise, it’s a tough time right now and it is probably going to be getting worse before it gets better.


      7. I can’t get work as a trainer as a low for me is a 50/50 split and gyms now are paying a 1-9 split and have you start off with 6 months of no wages and many have you take bs courses and you can spend 32 hours there for 6 months wo pay or at most 3 hours if already certified and have experience. Worse is for bartenders, either you are an enhanced female or a guy with a following. I could not even get catering hall gigs by me and X mas work for midnight hours doing stacking


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