O Canada

Ooohh kitty…

Hello I’m just new around here so new I haven’t decided what I want people to call me. I am thinking either “Ghost” or “Shredder” which one to you like better let me know in the comments or if you have any suggestions!


15 thoughts on “O Canada

    1. He is totally shredding everything and I shared it on some of my other medias and shredder is taking the lead! I am glad you like ghost too though we like it just as much!


      1. Oh no! Coyotes are mean! We have them all around here. Oh my goodness! Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever? Another momma kitty took over for 11?? Love that so much.

        Well, he’s here and there. Comes and goes. I got rather attached to him then he disappeared a week. I feared the worst: coyotes. Then, he showed back up. He’s the sweetest thing.

        About a year old, gray striped and his tail! Part of it looks like a raccoon and the tip looks like a lemur! And, he has all that gray, but white little feet!

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      2. He is! Showed up at the perfect time. So sweet. Kind of shy until the neighbor’s started lighting fireworks! Then he suddenly became a lap cat! Ha. πŸ™‚ How is your new little? Is it named yet?


      3. Aw that’s so cute! Our little guy is settling in pretty good. He has made really good friends with my older Male boots. There is a cat mews post coming soon announcing his name. I asked on several social medias and Shredder was a winning suggestion by a landslide!

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      4. Ooo. Can’t wait to read it. Shredder IS rather fitting. One of my girl cats, Lulu Jones, got on my lap today and didn’t mean to, but scratched me up! πŸ™‚


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