Happy Canada Day

Hello everyone,

I just can’t get enough of this song! I have started a little playlist here of Canadian anthem versions to listen to all day. If you have a good version to add please leave it in the comments and lets proudly listen and sing our song all day!

The images in these videos I’m in awe and proud to be Canadian!

This song cracks me up! I love it!

Oh my, this next one is just hilarious!

and then just this guy for some more laughs!


Happy Canada Day! Have a save weekend everyone!




5 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day

  1. Happy Canada Day!
    I love your collection of songs! Afraid the last video sort of detracts from the over all effect, but over all, Fantastic!
    (Sorry, really take exception to a lot of what he says, and if the outdated “sons” is okay for the English (which incidentally I happen to agree it is, written too long ago, move along people please!), than why pick apart the outdated language in the French version. And as an Anglo from Quebec I won’t comment on but did not appreciate his beverage related comments.)


    1. Well and this is not the first time the anthem has been changed. The English version has been changed I think 3 times already it will be a time to remember the new lyric for me I might get it wrong the first few times but a few decades go by people won’t even realize it changed.


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