June 2016 Favourites

Hello everyone,

I thought it was only appropriate to show my Canadian colours for this post seeing how tomorrow is Canada Day after all! My actual flag is all packed up with Camping stuff for the summer so I had to improvise with this beach towel! It’s so funny, living up to the stereotype and all, eh!

This month was pretty exciting and I have introduced a couple new feature posts to the blog, which have been received really well and thank you for that. They aren’t weekly features or anything but I will try to keep them regular and relevant. When I started this blog I didn’t really budget how much time I was going to spend on it and I sure have spent a great deal developing content for you. It is so satisfying to get such wonderful feedback from you all! I appreciate you guys so much and am grateful for your continued interest in my work, it makes it all worth it! I have some exciting posts lined up for July I am really proud of them and I hope you all will enjoy them too. So onto why we are all here to see, what are my favourite things from June 2016!

Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette

I have a post coming in about a week talking more about this there I really should have posted it before this favourites but it didn’t work out that way. One of my major faults is not cleaning my brushes enough. I have actually gone out and bought new brushes just to prolong the chore. I got this hoping it will enhance my brush cleaning experience and it has. I am loving it look for more information coming soon regarding my new brush cleaning  ritual. Since buying this I have been taking way better care of my brushes!

Natures Aid Skin Gel

I have mentioned a product from this line in a previous Favourites and here it is again. This all natural gel is so soothing for any skin irritations from bug bites to sunburns to foot fungus and oral it’s even safe to use in the mouth. Made from ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Tea Tree oil, Vitamin E, Witch Hazel, and Rosemary. Bonus it’s a Canadian product and that is always a win in my book!

Michel Germain Sexual Sugar Eau De Parfum

I am so loving this fragrance. I absolutely love sweet scents. This has easily become my most coveted item as I am totally in love with the way this smells. I get compliments every time I wear it.

Maison Caddy Set in Sparkling Champagne

I have also talked about a product from this line as well in a previous favourites and I liked it so much I went out and got this cute little caddy with a soap and lotion. I had mentioned in that post that I tried the Sparkling Champagne and after looking at some of the other scents I went with this one. Still loving this product and the caddy is pretty cool too.

Body Drench Lip Drench in Mango

I bought this on impulse and only because it was right beside the check out calling to me. I don’t exactly have dry or cracked lips right now so I can’t say how well it does if you lips are feeling sore or sensitive. It smells so nice and tropical cool I love the scent. It stays true to its scent even after being on the lips for awhile. It is fairly long lasting and layers nicely with other products I tried. I appreciate that the texture isn’t greasy or too waxy but does have a nice slippery feeling without being too slippery if that makes sense to you. With a lot of balms they tend to smell really nice but than tastes like poison this one though not recommended to try does not taste as poisonous so that’s a plus and it makes it’s way into favourites for this month.

Revlon Color Stay Ultimate Suede in Couture

I am actually really surprised I haven’t talked about this in a favourites already. These lipsticks are seriously one of my all time favourites lip sticks from the drug store. They last so long and are not drying. I love them so much I almost have every shade of the collection. They are my go to lip product when I am at work because I can talk and talk and drink and the product doesn’t go anywhere so I don’t have to worry about touch ups unless I eat a burger for lunch or something. I love this berry shade though it is closer to a pink or red berry than a purple hue and I love it. I wear this one the most and my only problem is the package. I have cracked the lid on a few of these in my purse and now the lid does not stay on. I am kind of rough with my stuff though so you may not have this problem.

Real Techniques Duo-Fibre Collection

I am really loving these new brushes and the ones I got are in white so they look really nice on the vanity as well. In the summer months I like to use less makeup on my face and these brushes are perfect for that look. I like the eye brush for blending out as it picks up any excess and blends it out really soft and cute. The Contour brush I used this for blush as I don’t do a whole bunch of contouring. I think in most cases it just makes people look like they have dirty cheeks and most times is not done right. I don’t want to be that girl so I think this brush is perfect for contouring as it distributes a small amount really nicely. The face Brush again same thing just used to blend everything out and only applying a small amount of product and blends really nice.

I have so many favourites for music this month I just do not even know what to do with myself. We have been doing a lot of road tripping around so that means a lot of music listening and that is probably why the super long list I think I should just gather a bunch of them and do a playlist of some sort for you so we are not overwhelmed here in my favourites. This first song seriously was a last minute add on to the list I had already planned on sharing as it literally showed up in my Youtube feed the day I was writing this post for you!

This woman was an amazing voice and this video seriously gives me feels! Just so much talent here I love this band!

I have been a No Doubt fan for as long as I can remember. Yes I was absoluetly singing every word from Tragic kingdom and their self titled album into a hairbrush as a youth! She looks incredible in this video you’d never guess her age, I love the way the video looks completely everything about it is on point the fashion, makeup and setting!

Every time this song comes on my spouse starts singing it to me it is magical and I love it! This is my favourite of the favourites! Just so good!

If that little collection doesn’t tell you I have a wide range of music tastes than I don’t know what to tell you.

I haven’t really watched any movies or shows this month to share but I will probably marathon Orange is the New Black on Netflix and be done with it.

I put a poll up on my blog just check the side bar here and go ahead and vote on the type of content you want to keep seeing here on JALWAB! Yes I have had the blog now for almost 8 months and I only recently realized that JALWAB is the acronym for Just a Lady With A Blog. So I guess that makes you my readers  JALWABies! Oh my That is silly, don’t forget to vote on what your favourite posts are with my poll and even make a suggestion if there is something you want to see that is not featured here. You can check off more than one but only vote once so make it count!


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