Halfway There

Hello Everyone,

It’s about the halfway point of the year so I thought I’d go back and review my goals set in January see how I was doing there with them. To go back and check out that post click here.

January was actually my best month as far as stats go. I got the most followers, likes, and visitors in that month than I have in the many months that followed. I think mostly because I blogged everyday and even several times a day. I read so many blogs and just had more time I guess. I was getting reduced hours at work as I was recovering from injury so it makes sense.

The goal list I set and where I am with it today

  1. Buy a new Camera – So this hasn’t happened yet but I do still feel like I need one as I am very visual and do like to have photography as part of my posting.
  2. Be a better blogger – I’d like to think I have improved since then. I have updated my about page and created many weekly features that attract a variety of people to my page.
  3. Be a better writer – I do believe I have gotten so much better and more involved in my writing I am inspired again, it’s amazing!
  4. Granny Square – Eep I have not finished this nor I have I worked on it in awhile. It’s too hot for that right now! All the squares are made though I think I just need to sew them all together.
  5. Be a better gardener – I don’t know about this one I am still gardening but discovering the root aphids is devastating and discouraging a quick update on that they are still killing my plants I can’t get rid of them no matter what I do!
  6. Be a better seamstress – At least I took the thing out of the box! I have some beginner projects in mind to get on and have stashed some practice materials I am currently looking into a desk for the sewing machine to sit on and I found out a co-worker of mine is a decent seamstress who has offered to give me lessons!
  7. Attend a fitness class – A friend of mine just finished her courses to be a yoga instructor and the gym she is hired at opens soon so I am excited to attend her class!
  8. Be a better friend – This one has got to be the hardest one. I have reached out to some friends I may have lost contact with but it’s just not easy. Everyone is so busy with their lives and technology and social media actually puts distance between people instead of bringing them closer. If I didn’t have a social media I wouldn’t know what’s going in my friends and families lives. I so badly want to develop these relationships more but I may have to accept that social media is replacing other forms of contact.

I may have set some of these goals a little high looking back and that is definitely not what I wanted to do. I better get to it and get these completed for the end of the year.

Did you make a resolution? Maybe a list of goals like me? If you have how are you doing with them?


7 thoughts on “Halfway There

  1. That is quite an ambitious list of goals! I think it is good to have goals, although I haven’t made a list myself. I think every year mine are pretty much the same…be the best person I can be, get lots of good exercise, eat well, love deeply, laugh more and try not to take things too seriously. So far so good! šŸ˜ŠšŸ’•

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