Nature’s Playground


The darkness fades and a new day is born as the nights storm passes leaving a calm.


The gentle lapping of water nearby beckons carefully approach the waters edge.


The water feels cold and refreshing on the skin. Drink it up as the journey may be long and filled with danger and excitement.


Seems like the waters are not vacant, it is time to depart.


The woods nearby filled with danger, markings on a tree indicate a predator may be near, tread lightly.


Yikes, could that be the one responsible for the tree marks. Phew he did not notice stay undetected, must be sheer luck. Safe now but that could have been the end of the journey!


The slate rock is steep and hard to climb, preserver the goal is near.


These incredible climbers make it look easy to scale this mountain getting to the top, legs shaking, gasping for air.


Believe it or not the journey started way down there, though the journey is not done yet, keep going.


A path, where does it lead?


Above the most splendid colours surrounds, beauty all around. Take in the sweet scent, exhale.


This is nature’s playground.

Do you want to play with me?


* A collection of my photo’s over the past few months Most are from the Kananaskis, the rest are from The Calgary Zoo, Hillers pond, and Cremona. *

Just trying something new here. If you like this type of post photography story telling let me know I could make it a more regular thing. Perhaps a bi-monthly feature using up the random pictures I am always taking. Please like if you want to see more or leave your suggestions or feature name ideas in the comments.



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